Yungay, Peru is a town, the capital of Yungay Province

Yungay, Peru
Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:Ancash
Feature Name:City
Location:-9.13833, -77.74361

1962 two American scientists had reported seeing a massive vertical slab of rock. Citizens were prevented forcibly from speaking of an impending disaster. Guitarrero caves near Yungay, is an early site in highland Peru. Teeth and A human mandible showing interesting patterns of occlusal wear. Ayacucha caves Dating by charcoal samples and cord by accelerator mass spectrometry of wooden artifacts. Official figures indicate that in Caraz and Ranrahirca that in Yungay. The feeling of solidarity led by the National Assistance Board and government agencies.

The international contribution was critical at global organizations at the time of the emergency. The time of the emergency was not only in the rehabilitation of the affected area at the time of the emergency.

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