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Yukon is the highest mountain, nearly pristine nature

Yukon: District, River
Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Yukon
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:62.99962, -135.00404

Inland First Nations and Coastal had extensive trading networks. European incursions began only early with the fur trade in the 19th century. The gold rush led from the formation and the Northwest Territories to the separation of the Yukon district. Canada's highest point is in the territory's southwest. Other national parks include Vuntut National Park and Ivvavik National Park in the north. Other watersheds include the Mackenzie River, the Alsek and the Peel Watershed. The two main Yukon rivers flowing in the Northwest Territories into the Mackenzie.

The capital is the also largest city with about three-quarters of the population. The average winter temperature is mild by no other place by Canadian arctic standards. The 2011 National Household Survey examined Yukon's ethnocultural diversity reported that 49.9 % of Yukoners. The most common countries of birth were the United Kingdom, the United States and the Philippines. The government acquired the land in 1870 from the Hudson's Bay Company. Thousands of these prospectors flooded the territory, a colourful period. Manufacturing including furniture, handicrafts and clothing. Sports enthusiasts paddle rivers and lakes with walk and ride with kayak s and canoes. The latitude enables the view of aurora borealis in Yukon. The aboriginal culture is reflected strongly as winter sports in such areas. The modern comic-book character Yukon Jack depicts a heroic aboriginal persona. Notable residents have included Leslie Nielsen, Pierre Berton and Erik Nielsen. The 19th century was a segment of North-Western Territory obtained only a recognizable local government in 1895.

This change was accomplished from Jake Epp through a letter. The Progressive Conservatives won these elections, the first party government of Yukon. The Liberal government of Pat Duncan was defeated in 2002 11 in elections. The federal level is represented by a single Member of Parliament in the Parliament of Canada. One Yukon Member of Parliament was the Deputy Prime Minister under the government of Brian Mulroney. The current holder of the seat is Liberal Member of Parliament Larry Bagnell, victory. The Senate position is held by Conservative senator Daniel Lang, was filled previously by Ione Christensen. An umbrella land claim agreement representing 7000 members of 14 different First Nations. A result of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement is a now territorial park. Modern forms of transportation were the main transportation routes for the coastal Tlingit people. The Gold Rush plied the Yukon River between Dawson City and Whitehorse. The railway ceased operation with the first closure of the Faro mine in the 1980s, is run now for the tourism season during the summer months.

Whitehorse International Airport serves as the air transport infrastructure hub, is primary hub and the also headquarters for Yukon's Airline for Air North. Every Yukon community is served by community aerodrome and an airport. The retention rate refers to the proportion of the population, provides an indication of a group. A Crow Elder and A Wolf are appointed by the Elders's Council. The Chief hold full time positions while Elder Councillor and the Youth with the First Nation, are elected body of the KFN Governmment. The mandate of Council is laid clearly out in the Governance Act in the Constitution. The building is a state of the art facility on a traditional site. The facility manager is responsible for the mechanical systems for the smooth operation of the building. The implementation team is coordinated by the Intergovernmental Affairs Manager. The Operations Director is responsible to the Executive Director. The members of Council are elected for a three-year term of office.

1870The government acquired the land in 1870 from the Hudson's Bay Company.
1895The 19th century obtained only a recognizable local government in 1895.
1898The territory was split in 1898 from the Northwest Territories.
1987This settlement was dismantled in 1987.
1992The conservatives returned in 1992 to power.
2003 04 1The Yukon Act passed on 2003 04 1.

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