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Wolfsburg is the fifth largest city, the also home of the ice hockey team Grizzlys Wolfsburg

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:Lower Saxony
Feature Name:City
Location:52.42452, 10.7815

Only 17 % of observation stations measure lower annual deviation. The communal manor was an important employer for Heßlingen and the nearby settlements Rothenfelde. These districts were detached from the Prussian province Saxony, transferred from the county of Helmstedt to Wolfsburg. Other villages and Fallersleben belonged to the Electorate of Braunschweig. World War II were built there by POWs and forced workers. German authorities established the Arbeitsdorf concentration camp for a few months in the city.

The 1955 one-millionth VW Beetle was manufactured in Wolfsburg. The German economic miracle Wolfsburg experienced a large influx of immigrant workers from Italy. The city's area peaked at 131,971, became a university town of for the University of Applied Science Braunschweig üttel with the establishment. A launch promotion welcomed visitors on the official stationery on the internet. This campaign gained the nationwide attention of press, TV broadcasting and radio. A party was held with about 100000 people in the city centre. The old part of the town Alt Wolfsburg shows some manor buildings in traditional framework style. The striking Volkswagen is in the south-east of the park, used modified. Another major attraction is the Wolfsburg Water Show, the world's largest water-flame-laser-video fountain show. The city of Wolfsburg is organized into 40 districts, is a member of the association Braunschweigische Landschaft e.V. in Braunschweig with a registered office. The First councils were established only in the 11 localities, took partly over the functions of the former town councils.

The only exception is the Allerpark, a local recreation area. The administrative area of Wolfsburg includes six nature reserves. Enactment became the government assessor Karl Bock on enactment, were deployed also by the government. The city council's dual leadership is led by a full-time lord mayor. The lord mayor is supported by four departmental heads. The Burg Neuhaus is a medieval moat, a moat, from the 14th century. The Städtische Galerie shows multifarious pieces of contemporary art. The AutoMuseum Volkswagen was opened in Heßlingen in an old textile factory. The Stadtmuseum Wolfsburg is a modern museum about the history of the castle with an exhibition. The Hoffmann-von-Fallersleben-Museum shows the history of German poetry. The Heinrich-Büssing-Haus was opened in the house of Büssing on the initiative of the MAN-group, shows the life of Büssing. The Phæno is a science center on an exhibition space of nearly 6000 square meters with 250 experiment stations. The architecturally uncommon construction was designed by Zaha Hadid.

The Romantikpark Landleben shows a historical Lower Saxon village. The most famous professional sports club is VfL Wolfsburg. The men's football team won the Bundesliga in 2015 in 2009. The women's football team has been even more successful the Bundesliga. W programie służącym do obsługi Internetu można zmienić ustawienia dotyczące plików. Wir setzen Cookies ein die Nutzung, unserer Webseiten zu erleichtern und Ihnen Werbemitteilungen. Weitere Informationen zu Cookies und Hinweise, wie Sie. Wir versichern Ihnen dass Ihre Angaben entsprechend den geltenden datenschutzrechtlichen Bestimmungen. Dass es dafür offenbar ein, Vorbild gibt, sieht man im Raum zum Thema Verdauung. Eine Schlange die unter Wärmestress leidet, frisst sich selbst auf.

1551The Schloss Fallersleben was completed in 1551.
1955The flag was adopted in 1955.
1974Postwar Beetle production ended in 1974 in Wolfsburg.
1985The AutoMuseum Volkswagen was opened in Heßlingen in an old textile factory.
2009The men's football team won the Bundesliga in 2015 in 2009.
2015The men's football team won the Bundesliga in 2015 in 2009.

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