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Windsor, Ontario is a city, the headquarters of Hiram Walker

Windsor, Ontario: Dynasty, City
Windsor, Ontario
Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Ontario
Feature Name:City
Location:42.30008, -83.01654

Row Expressway, a bike trail network, a long history, several sister cities per year with four distinct seasons, holds a yearly art event is based primarily on tourism on manufacturing. Windsor was founded in 1858 by Hiram Walker, attracts many immigrants from around the world, has made national headlines has given the New Democrats is governed under the Council-Manager form of local government. Windsor is noted for gardens and the several large parks, has been often the place from concentration of media ownership rules, is considered part of the Detroit television is served also by a few informational news websites, intersect with these north.

Windsor is connected to Leamington and Essex, is linked by the Ambassador Bridge to the United States, has hosted a round of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. A French agricultural settlement was established in 1749 at the site of Windsor. The current street system reflects the Canadien method of agricultural land division. The street system of outlying areas is consistent with the British system. The American Revolution was renamed later Windsor in Berkshire after the town. The oldest building is the Duff-Baby House is owned by houses government offices and Ontario Heritage Trust. The Windsor Police Service was established on 1867 07 1. Sandwich were separate legal entities until 1935, are now historic neighbourhoods of Windsor was established as a town in 1817, was incorporated in 1858 as a town. The 1920s alcohol prohibition was enforced while alcohol in Michigan. A massive gas explosion destroyed the building housing, the Metropolitan Store on Ouellette Avenue. The 45th anniversary of the event was commemorated on 2005 10 25 by the Windsor Star, was featured on History Television's Disasters.

The Windsor Star Centennial Edition recalled also controversy. The coldest month is the warmest month and January, July. Winters are generally mild with occasional cold periods. Precipitation is generally well-distributed throughout the year. The Canadian city including lightning and severe thunderstorms, Windsor was grazed by the 1997 Southeast Michigan tornado outbreak, is has fine restaurants and an extensive riverfront parks system. The Canadian city is divided with one councillor into ten wards, is represented currently by NDP MPPs in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, became also a gambling attraction in 1994 with Caesars Windsor's opening, is served by a regional airport by Windsor Airport. Tornadoes have been recorded crossing waterspouts and the Detroit River. An F0 tornado briefly touched down in the eastern part of the city. A 2001 article stated that morbidity that the rates of mortality. Ouellette Avenue is the historic main commercial street in downtown Windsor. Recent years has pushed for the addition of bicycle lanes.

The Windsor trail network is linked in the west end to the LaSalle Trail. McGregor continues south through Harrow through McGregor. The Greenway is a fine trail, birding, cross country skiing. Automotive facilities include the FCA Canada minivan assembly plant, several tool and two Ford Motor Company engine plants. Caesars Windsor has been a major draw for U.S. visitors. The Lake Erie North Shore Wine Region has enhanced tourism in the region. Companies involved in alternative energy in pharmaceuticals. Visible minorities make up 21.0 % of the population, the most diverse city. The 2001 Canadian census was 51.1 % female and 48.9 % male. Persons of retirement age accounted in Windsor for 14.1 % of the population. Native speakers of French made up 3.7 % of the population. The Liberal Party of Canada has also a strong electoral history in the city. Canada's 21st Prime Minister Paul Martin was born in Windsor. Martin practiced law on Ouellette Avenue in the federal building and the city. Eugene Whelan was one-time Liberal party leadership candidate and a Liberal cabinet minister.

Deputy Prime Minister Herb Gray represented Windsor from 1962 as an MP. A bust of Herb Gray is located near Dieppe Park at the foot of Ouellette Avenue. The mayor serves as the chief executive officer of the city. Day-to-day operations of the government are carried out by the Chief Administrative Officer. Windsor City Council approved a 10-ward electoral system for the 2010 civic election. Both ridings are represented currently by New Democratic Party MPs in the federal Parliament. A border settlement was a site of conflict into Canada during a major entry point. Two sites have been designated as National Historic Sites of Canada. The Capitol Theatre had been a venue for feature films. The Tea Party is an internationally famous progressive rock band. The Liebeszauber rose has been designated as the City of Windsor Rose. The Queen Elizabeth II Sunken Garden is located in the central part of the city at Jackson Park. A World War II era Avro Lancaster was displayed in the middle of Jackson Park on a stand. The western portion of the park contains the Windsor Sculpture Park. The central portion contains Dieppe Gardens, Festival Plaza and Civic Terrace. The waterfront is Coventry Gardens across from Detroit's Belle Isle. The focal point of this park is the Charles Brooks Memorial Peace Fountain. Each summer co-hosts the two-week-long Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival. The event attracted in 2009 200000 fans to the Detroit River waterfront. The Red Bull air races were cancelled worldwide for 2011. Spotlights illuminate the flag with a 24 smaller feet at night. The regional newspaper is the only daily in Essex County and Windsor. The CanCon requirements are blamed sometimes for the decline in part. The University of Windsor is Canada's southernmost university, a research, comprehensive university. St. Clair College opened a satellite campus in the former Cleary International Centre in downtown Windsor. The college opened also the TD Student Centre on the corner of Victoria Avenue.

This small campus offers as integration assistance and immigration access to many Collège Boréal programmes. Collège Boréal is Windsor's only francophone, post-secondary institution, service. Vincent Massey and Kennedy Collegiate Institute are renowned in Southern Ontario. Windsor youth attend schools in the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board in the Greater Essex County District School Board. The main branch coordinates a literacy program for adults. The Canada South Science City serves the Elementary School Curriculum's Science. This time does do not surgeries has moved away from traditional hospital services. Five thousand Windsor residents are employed in Metro Detroit in the health care industry. E.C. Row Expressway is mentioned as the shortest freeway in the Guinness Book of Records. The Province of Ontario completed a grade separation at the CP Rail line and Walker Road. Another grade separation was completed at the CP Rail line and Howard Avenue in 2010 11. The Ambassador Bridge is North America's No., 1 international border via two municipal roads. The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is located in Romulus across the border. A public transport bus service is provided by the city-owned bus company by Transit Windsor. Intercity passenger railway service is provided throughout the region by Via Rail. The Windsor Express of the NBL is a Canadian professional basketball team. The Express are won first championship of NBL-Canada against the Island Storm. The 2016 FINA World Swimming Championships took place in Windsor. Two exceptions are Subdivision of Unorganized in Labrador and Newfoundland. Former Wigan winger Carney started training with this week with Warrington. WIGAN's lacklustre end-of-season form continued as two goals at the Hawthorns. Logo Die vielgestaltigen Freundschaften bilden eine solide Basis. Vor allen Dingen sind Mannheims Städtepartnerschaften lebendig und dynamisch durch, Engagement. Traditionell und aktuell sind Mannheims Bürger überdurchschnittlich aufgeschlossen und aktiv.

YearWindsor, Ontario
1749A French agricultural settlement was established in 1749 at the site of Windsor.
1812The François Baby House was built in 1812.
1817Sandwich was established as a town in 1817.
1838Windsor was the site of a battle in 1838 during the Upper Canada Rebellion.
1854Windsor was incorporated in 1854 as a village.
1858Sandwich was incorporated in 1858 as a town.
1867 07 1The Windsor Police Service was established on 1867 07 1.
1890Walkerville was incorporated in 1890 as a town.
1912Ford City was incorporated in 1912 as a village.
1929Kennedy was built in 1929.
1935These three towns were annexed in 1935 by Windsor.
1962Deputy Prime Minister Herb Gray represented Windsor from 1962 as an MP.
1994The Canadian city became also a gambling attraction in 1994 with Caesars Windsor's opening.
2003Deputy Prime Minister Herb Gray represented Windsor from 1962 as an MP.
2007The new depot opened in 2007.
2009The event attracted in 2009 200000 fans to the Detroit River waterfront.
2011The Red Bull air races were cancelled worldwide for 2011.

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