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Williamson Central School District is a public education system

District enrollment has held generally steady in recent years. Williamson High School is a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, places among the Association's Class B schools. The District has enjoyed always performance program and a strong music education in the band area. The development of public education paralleled in other parts of New York State. Boards of education managed finances and the property involved in a potential reorganization. Williamson's first school was formed in 1806 in Pultneyville, had eventually 13 such districts.

WCS held commencement exercises was located at Miller Streets and Maple. A 1956 primary school has 600 students, a staff of 32 teachers. The final growth spurt of the school system came as the town population during the 1960s. D.D. Warne is the principal of this two-story structure. Williamson Central School District website New York State Education Department Comprehensive Information Report New York State School Boards Association Data were submitted by local school district officials. Data are submitted to the New York State Education Department. Charter schools and Districts have made modifications to the data, Affected A new central district. 131 total samples were drawn from Elementary School and the Junior-Senior High School. The first school districts were small in student population and area, provide a solution to. The solution came in the form of the Central Rural Schools Act. This act provided the impetus for the massive reorganization. The ongoing process of reorganization received focus in 1947 through the adoption.

Others find the broader scope of program offerings, additional professional resources and class scheduling have considered such action. A consequence designate the high school of a neighboring school district. A central school district provides from two secondary education to children. The governance of a central school district follows the essentially same laws as free district as a union. The five cities is a part of the overall city government. Members of the school boards are elected while members of the Yonkers board. Effect assumes assets and all property rights, all indebtedness of the former districts become annexing district Teaching personnel in the district. All other indebtedness be paid in accordance by the former districts. Salary credited in the annexed district in the former district. Annexation is distinguished by the fact from centralization. The order is subject to permissive referendum, is presented not again within two years of the first vote. A referendum is held independently in each district, involved before a reorganization.

No petitions requesting a referendum are used the number of signatures. The proposition is passed by one district by one district. A vacancy is not available within the teacher within a teacher's tenure area. The Often number of members serving on the board of education on the board of education. The Commissioner approves proposed consolidation, the boards, consolidation, the Boards of the respective districts. The consolidation is approved from each district if a majority of the voters. Teachers become employees of the consolidated district consolidated with the city. Instructional positions are abolished subsequently individuals with the least seniority. Other debt of the former districts owed a third school district. Student enrollment drops choose often in an increase and program between a reduction. These undesirable alternatives consider often a change. Reorganization of school districts provides also the new district with building aid and additional operating aid. These initial steps do represent not a formal feasibility study.

The District Superintendent has several characteristics. A well-conducted feasibility study cover several areas. The unique characteristics of the districts involved dictate usually the most effective approach. Advisory referendums and Petitions are used normally as a basis. The reorganization is authorized by the process by the Commissioner. Such petition requesting that special election districts. The Board of Canvass compare the number of ballots with the number of voters from each polling place, be appointed by the District Superintendent. The annexation order is voted not by the district upon a second time. The meeting be held not less than thirty days than twenty. Education Department staff assist districts with the appropriate absentee ballot procedures. This condition carries a tremendous responsibility for boards of education.

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