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Willamette University is a private liberal arts college, a Common Application

Herbert Smith Auditorium, including the Goudy Commons, Rogers Music Center and Kaneko Commons is broadcast solely over the Internet. Willamette began with the consent of the university on Willamette's campus, is founding member of the Northwest Conference league. The university is a member of the NCAA was founded by the missionary Jason Lee as the Oregon Institute, established the first law school during the presidency of Thomas Van Scoy in the Pacific Northwest, began publishing in 1875. The university started the Willamette University Athletic Hall of Fame were oceanography and plant physiology.

Approximately 2800 students are enrolled between undergraduate programs and the graduate at Willamette, accompanied the team were recognized as a colony, started a Kappa Sigma interest group. Approximately 2800 students including the entire College of Theology came from four countries and 23 states. The school employs on the campus over 200 full-time professors, has over 100 student organizations. The 20th century started a sister school relationship with Tokyo International University. The Truman Wesley Collins Legal Center is the College of Law. Atkinson Graduate School of Management is housed in the Seeley G. Mudd Building. The Oregon Institute opened officially with a total of five students on 1844 08 13. The original purpose of the institute was the education of the missionaries. The original building of the institute was a three-story frame structure. The building burned down in 1877, was renamed as Waller Hall, commemorates the ship. The following year granted a charter to the university.

1866 established the first school of medicine in the Pacific Northwest. The current spelling of the university was adopted in 1870. The school of medicine merged then in 1913 with the University of Oregon. The Tokyo International University was completed in 1989. The Willamette community broke the world record with 1060 players for largest game of Red Light, heard through the Atkinson Lecture Series from two notable people. The institutions of Oregon government affording in the institutions of Oregon government students access to internships. South of the school is Salem Hospital with Bush's Pasture Park. The west side of Winter Street lie the university's graduate programs in law and business. Science classes are held generally in Olin buildings and the Collins. Administrative offices are found in Willamette's oldest building in Waller Hall and the Putnam University Center. York Hall commemorates the university's first graduate. A stream runs through the middle of the campus, is named the Mill Race.

Environmental science classes and Biology utilize the Mill Stream as an authentic research venue. Part of the freshman matriculation ceremony place lit candle into the Mill Stream. On-campus athletics facilities are located in the southeast portion of the campus. The CLA offers 35 majors, seven special programs and six minors. Example earn credit at the Oregon State Capitol as political interns. Tokyo International University of America offers opportunities in culture and Japanese language for students. Five academic Centers of Excellence provide opportunities for research and student-faculty collaboration. Eleven faculty members have been named Oregon Professor of the Year for Support and Advancement by the Council. The U.S. Professors of the Year program recognizes educators. The magazine cited the school's alumni roster, wireless features. The western side of the campus are the university's two graduate level schools. The Outdoor Program organizes whale-watching around each year around 120 trips.

The new Alpha Phi chapter has own house on Mill Street along sorority row. Greek life began with the foundation of several local fraternities in the 1920s. The local fraternities were converted soon into sororities and national fraternities. Pi Beta Phi became the first national sorority in 1944 at Willamette. Two sororities lost charters are now general residences. Alpha Phi was remade into a substance-free mixed gender dormitory. A penalty lost on-campus house for a scandal as a penalty. The Willamette University Bearcats compete at the NCAA Division III level. The football team plays home games while basketball at McCulloch Stadium of the main campus, finished best season in 1997. Sarah Zerzan won the NCAA Division, 3 title in cross country. Notable alumni include a range of people, Gerald L. Pearson involved in athletics. The Perhaps most notable Willamette graduate is Dale T. Mortensen, the 2010 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Business leaders include James Albaugh, CEO and president. Oregon Supreme Court's first Hispanic American chief justice graduated from the College of Law. Current Oregon State Supreme Court justice Virginia Linder received also J.D. from Willamette. Bob Packwood graduated in 1954 from Willamette University. Lisa Murkowski received also JD from Willamette University College of Law. Nick Symmonds won seven NCAA Division III, 800-meter championships. This event marked the founding of Willamette University. Trustees were the Revs enacted rules of conduct for Institute students. The Rev. Joseph Wythe was elected president of the University was surgeon and a physician. A College Navy Training Program was established on the campus. Bob Tschudy attended initially the University of Idaho led to the publication of numerous scientific papers, is appended to this memorial. Bernadine and Bob were in Caracas, was during these years, returned to South America briefly. Tschudy's early career were on marine algae, conducted research while at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography for the U.S.Bureau of Ships, taught botany at the University of Wyoming, became soon quite active in the Jamestown in community affairs.

Tschudy's early career joined the Boulder County Fire Fighters Association as a volunteer, was trained as an Emergency Medical Technician, introduced the view that vegetation, was published in 1986 08. A Always teacher taught also a course in the University of Caracas in biology-the first ever-at, calling as a teacher. Other diversions included a nine-day trek and team softball in the vicinity of Angel Falls through the rain forest. Bernadine retired in 1973 from USGS, was active in the laboratory in the field. This research won the Meritorious Service Award in 1983 from the U.S. Department of the Interior. The Sesquicentennial Founders's Day Weekend was packed with special events. Stephen E. Thorsett became the 25th president of Willamette served previously as the dean of the Division. The Board of Trustees installed Stephen E. Thorsett as the university's 25th president. The Willamette Singers was named Best Large Jazz Ensemble. The awards are given from middle schools to student groups and students. The grant funded faculty development and curriculum, place-based learning in workshops and symposia in Japan. Internationally renowned Chinese activist Ma Jun spoke in the Dempsey Lecture about environmental reform. Pulitzer spoke during Willamette University's annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. Two best-selling authors were featured in the Atksonson Lecture series. Award-winning scholar spoke in the Dempsey Environmental Lecture Series.

YearWillamette University
1852The name was changed in 1852 to Wallamet University.
1870The current spelling of the university was adopted in 1870.
1875The university began publishing in 1875.
1877The building burned down in 1877.
1913The school of medicine merged then in 1913 with the University of Oregon.
1944Pi Beta Phi became the first national sorority in 1944 at Willamette.
1954Bob Packwood graduated in 1954 from Willamette University.
1973Bernadine retired in 1973 from USGS.
1983This research won the Meritorious Service Award in 1983 from the U.S. Department of the Interior.
1989The Tokyo International University was completed in 1989.
1996The School of Education established in 1996.
1997The football team finished best season in 1997.
2014The College of Education closed in 2014.

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