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Water-fuelled car is an automobile

The firm Hydrogen Technology Applications patented an electrolyser design. The company announced that this technology, is explained only with the words, said that a type of membrane electrode assembly that a proprietary unit, uncovered a fuel cell. Technology magazine Popular Mechanics and The science has described Genepax's claims. Sri Lanka n news sources reported that Thushara Priyamal Edirisinghe. Other alleged water-fuelled cars described for the car above energy. Thushara showed the technology to Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka, was arrested a few months on suspicion of investment fraud.

Formosa Plastics sued successfully Dingel with the 82-year-old Dingel for fraud. The time invented car was claimed further that the car. Some Pakistani scientists alleged that Agha's invention. Such hydrogen improve actually fuel efficiency and emissions is burned then in an internal combustion engine. A number of websites exist promoting the use of oxyhydrogen, plans. One example of a hydrogen created from the University of Minnesota by scientists. An article described the power source under the headline. The chemical reactions describing the oxidation of boron. The balanced chemical equation representing the overall process. The Water Engine play made in 1994 into a television film. This process is allegedly similar to the mechanism, needs air and only water. The demonstration stack was supplied first with water, powered the lighting equipment and the TV with a lead-acid battery. Addition was mounted in the luggage room of a compact electric vehicle. Japan does have n't any native oil production had a choice.

Cold fusion is the only conceivable form of free-energy-from-water. Water injection is a n't scam get probably better mileage. One exciting thing being tried right now on big diesel engines. Water inject is used in some aircraft engines, help some automobile engines be not the only thing, this car. Water injection and Higher compression ratios be a welcome improvement. Exotic things CAN run a car on some other reagent and water. Even aneutronic boron-proton fusion produces 0.1 % energy in form of neutrons.

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