Visual communication is communication, the perhaps most important form of communication

Students studying visual communication, the basic physics of light, physiology and anatomy. Images be analysed though many perspectives for these six major perspectives for example. An image's view be arising from the history of the use media. Times sort images have been changed because the use of different media. This perspective is categorized also in six categories, involves identity of symbols be seen also as the semiotic perspective. Symbolization is an important definition for this perspective.

Examples include human skeletal systems, the solar system. Example be seen not from the actual composure and a model, showing the building site for a new hospital, learning about the teacher about cocaine. Maps Maps show geographic areas are used often as aids. Tables be visual distractions, a visual distraction if the table. A poster board paper is relatively flimsy the often paper. PowerPoint presentations be an extremely useful visual aid for longer presentations. Computer projectors are the most technologically advanced projectors. Everyone has are a common fixture in most conference rooms.

Accounting is the measurement, communication and processing

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