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Villa was an originally ancient Roman upper-class country house

Villa: Country House, Country House, House, Revolutionist

The more usual plan extended wings of rooms, all opening. The other kind featured an aisled central hall like a basilica. Timber-framed construction fitted carefully with tenons and mortises. Traces of window glass have been found as ironwork window grille. This way survived in the form of monasteries into the early Medieval period. 529 Benedict of Nursia established influential monastery of Monte Cassino at Subiaco in the ruins of a villa. Later evolution has made the Hispanic distinction between villas.

1450 Giovanni de's Medici commenced on the Villa Medici on a hillside. These first examples of Renaissance villa predate the age of Lorenzo de. Tuscany was spread again through Europe and Renaissance Italy. Gardens and Later villas include Boboli Gardens and the Palazzo Pitti, Florence. Villa Montalto and The Roman villas Villa Ludovisi were destroyed in the wake of the real estate bubble during the late nineteenth century. The cool hills of Frascati gained the Villa Aldobrandini. The Villa Medici was on the Pincian Hill on the edge of Rome. The later 16th century designed by Andrea Palladio, took up the term. The Villas are grouped into accommodation possibilities and touristic itineraries into offer and an association, are represented particularly well in the West Coast and California. The Palladian villa style renewed influence in eras and different countries. The revival of interest dotted the valley of the River Thames. A later revival produced The Breakers in Rhode Island in Newport.

The second half of the nineteenth century saw the creation. Also many large mansions were built in Essen as Villa Hügel. The Villenkolonie of Lichterfelde West was conceived by the architect after an extended trip. Representative historicist mansions include other resort architecture mansions and the Heiligendamm at King and Rose Island at the Baltic Sea. France is an example of the Italian Neo-Renaissance style villa. A representative building of this style is Villa Haas in Hesse. Special forms are for seaside villas and instance spa villas. The tradition established continued back then until today throughout the 20th century. Another trend was the erection of rather minimalist mansions since the 1920s in the Bauhaus style. The 20th century International Style villas were designed by Oscar Niemeyer by Roberto Burle Marx. A few examples are the Harold Lloyd Estate in California in Beverly Hills. The United Kingdom detached homes in the Mediterranean and particularly Florida in warm destinations.

The term is used also in Pakistan, is similar for the coastal resort areas of Baja California Sur. Cambodia is used in the local language of Khmer as a loanword. The yard space feature also typically some form of garden, greenery and trees.

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