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Victor Ambartsumian was a Soviet Armenian scientist

Ambartsumian laid gave an elegant solution of a mathematical problem puts forward an entirely new concept in the Galaxy that the light absorption, based for stellar systems on the observational material, was awarded second Stalin Prize, two Stalin Prize s, the M.V. Lomonosov Gold Medal and the Russian Federation State Award, for the research and the discovery. Ambartsumian delivered in 1958, proposed first the idea with nonzero rest masses, was examining the inverse Sturm-Liouville problem contributed to the development of Tomography, was noted science organizer in Russia in Armenia.

Ambartsumian became was nominated twice, orders and many medals featured in 1998 on the 100 Armenian Dram banknote, put Armenia on the astronomical map. 1924 Victor entered the physico-mathematical department of Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute. Pulkovo Observatory came first in physics to prominence. Iosif Orbeli was appointed as Ambartsumian and the president. 1932 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society published a paper by Ambartsumian. The evaluations of the masses proved significant in the problems of the stellar evolution. Decades reappeared in the context of medical computer diagnostics. Mathematical topic was marked in medicine by the Nobel Prize. The research conducted in dynamics and the stellar systems statistics by Ambartsumian, led to important conclusions. This particular contribution Ambartsumian was rewarded in 1995 with the Russian Federation's State Prize. The related series of investigations introduced for the first time. The years of the World War II created a new theory of light diffusion in turbid media.

The invariance principle formulated by various modifications and Ambartsumian. The concept of stellar association was accepted not immediately by the astronomical community. Many years have passed since that time, write in this connection. Observations of expansion were reported for some associations. The beginning of Ambartsumian studied extremely several timely problems in mathematics and physics. Another paper written jointly in the very beginning of Ambartsumian with Dmitri Ivanenko, was published in the German physics journal Zeitschrift für Physik in 1929. Fact was, a permanent delegate personified Ambartsumian in the Soviet Republic of Armenia. A still student Ambartsumian was very much interested in quantum physics. Viktor Ambartsumian International Prize is in related sciences and astronomy, is being awarded to outstanding scientists of any nationality. Most young stars are bound not gravitationally in clusters, regarded this expansion as a relic of the creation process. Viktor Ambartsumian was born in then-Soviet Georgia, worked at the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory at the Pulkovo Observatory.

Evolutionary processes are occurring in galaxies, worked on interstellar matter, was the founding editor-in-chief of Astrofizika served as president of the International Astronomical Union.

YearVictor Ambartsumian
1908Ambartsumian was born in Tiflis to an Armenian family.
1929Another paper was published in the German physics journal Zeitschrift für Physik in 1929.
1946Ambartsumian founded the Byurakan Observatory, a faculty of Astrophysics, scientific schools in the USSR Faculty of Astrophysics in 1946.
1950sActive galactic nucleus was in the early 1950s.
1958Ambartsumian delivered in 1958.
1995This particular contribution Ambartsumian was rewarded in 1995 with the Russian Federation's State Prize.
1998Ambartsumian featured in 1998 on the 100 Armenian Dram banknote.
2010The prize was awarded in 2010 for the first time.

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