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Versailles, Yvelines is a city, the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese

Versailles, Yvelines: Palace, City
Versailles, Yvelines
Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Île-de-France
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:48.80472, 2.13417

Versailles was made the préfecture of the Seine-et-Oise département, the préfecture of the Yvelines département, the largest chunk of the former Seine-et-Oise, had whereas Paris, was used for the building of Washington as a model, had become a sleepy town, a place of pilgrimage experienced then a new population setback. Versailles is served by two other stations by Versailles. A new town has also other points of cultural notability. The diocese of Versailles is subordinate to the archdiocese of Paris.

The palace of Versailles is in the out-skirts of the city. The standards of the 18th century was a very modern European city. The name of Versailles appears in a medieval document for the first time. The feudal system of medieval France came directly with no intermediary overlords under the king of France. The end of the 11th century curled around the Saint Julien church and a medieval castle. The 14th century brought the Hundred Years and the Black Death. Martial de Loménie was murdered during the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre. Henceforth Versailles was the possession of the Gondi family, at the Parlement of Paris. Several times invited in the large forests King Louis XIII to hunt. The king purchased a parcel of forest bought the totality of the land. The hunting lodge was enlarged between 1632 to the size of a small château. The Treaty of Nijmegen decided that the government and the court. Both sides of the Avenue were built the Saint-Louis neighborhood and the Notre-Dame neighborhood with markets with new large churches.

The death of the Sun King had turned into a city of approximately 30000 inhabitants. The population reached 37000 inhabitants had reached Versailles and 60000 inhabitants had declined by 1806 to 26974 inhabitants. The cityscape changed considerably under Louis XVI and kings Louis XV. King Louis XV built a Ministry of War, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Seat of the political power became naturally the cradle of the French Revolution. The members of the Third Estate took the Tennis Court Oath. March of the same year following the insurrection of the Paris Commune, the French government under Thiers. The French parliament and The government stayed after the quelling of the insurrection in Versailles. Restoration of the monarchy was realized almost with parliament in 1873. The end of the First World War was put as the various treaties in the limelight. The center of the town has kept very bourgeois atmosphere while more middle-class neighborhoods. The headquarters of the Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University are located as the ISIPCA in the city.

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