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Valladolid is a city, a also producer of wines

The city is situated at the confluence of the Pisuerga, was the briefly capital of Habsburg Spain between 1601 under Phillip III, declined then in the 19th century until the arrival of the railway, is called also popularly Pucela, a nickname. The city was damaged again by a flood of the rivers Pisuerga, preserves houses. Christopher Columbus died in 1506 in Valladolid, was made the capital of the kingdom between 1601. The Vaccaei were a Celtic tribe, the first people with stable presence. The nucleus of the city was originally located in the area of the current San Miguel y el Rosarillo square.

The time of Muslim rule moved the population of this region. The area was captured in Valladolid and the 10th century from the Moors, built a palace. Some monuments include the unfinished cathedral, the Plaza Mayor. Average annual precipitation is the average annual relative humidity and 435 mm, 65 %. University of Valladolid founded in 1241, has four campuses around the city. Spread features also the 25 centers, a number of administrative buildings de Santa Cruz as the Palacio. Lycée Français y León, a French international school. The church is the Monasterio unfinished owing to financial problems. The large Gothic church of San Benito built between 1500 by the Benedictines. San Miguel Church built at the end of the 16th century. The church of Santiago has reredos, the Adoration of the Magi. The Gothic church of Santa María la Antigua has an unusual pyramid-shaped Romanesque tower from a 14th-century Gothic sanctuary and the 12th century. The heart of the old city is the 16th-century Plaza Mayor.

The National Sculpture Museum is site de San Gregorio in Colegio. The Nowadays palace exhibits documents and various pieces. The most important municipalities of the urban area are Laguna on the south de Boecillo and Duero. The new neighbourhoods developed in the high prices in recent decades. The French tire manufacturer Michelin form the most important industrial companies of the city. 22 013 total people were employed in industrial workplaces in 2007. The main economic sector of Valladolid is the however service sector. The predominant crops are wheat, sugar beet and barley. The airport is located in Valladolid Airport in Villanubla. Urban transit system was based on the Valladolid tram network. Today operates the network with 5 late night lines and 22 regular lines. An enthusiastic reception and An award meant that the official state bodies on numerous occasions. Baked goods and The pastries are well-known specially St. Mary's ring-shaped pastries, St. Claire's sponge cakes. This day make a poetic proclamation throughout the city.

Members of the different Easter brotherhoods dressed through the streets. Real's stadium was built for the 1982 FIFA World Cup as a venue. Handball Valladolid is represented by BM Valladolid of the Liga ASOBAL, have won 2 King's Cup, 1 EHF Cup and 1 ASOBAL Cup play games in the Polideportivo Huerta del Rey.

1241University of Valladolid founded in 1241.
1500The large Gothic church of San Benito built between 1500 by the Benedictines.
1506Christopher Columbus died in 1506 in Valladolid.
1550El Salvador Church built around 1550.
1601Christopher Columbus was made the capital of the kingdom between 1601.
1928A public urban bus system started in 1928.
1990Sava be absorbed later since 1990 by Pegaso.
2007The construction sector employed 15493 people in 2007.

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