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Vélez-Málaga is the capital and a municipality, the most important city

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Andalusia
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:36.76071, -4.12321

The metropolitan area of Vélez Málaga has 92928 inhabitants is formed by the municipalities, is the eighteenth, most populous metropolitan area of Andalusia. Vestiges dating in the old town of Vélez-Málaga from the Iron Age. This pier have been used extensively for the mooring of Phoenician vessels. The Roman occupation are in the one in different deposits. The Romans developed salting the production and industry. The Muslim city was structured in the highest point of the population with the fortress, includes also an enclave, Lagos.

The population growth experienced in this period by the city. Granada had fallen not yet from Extremadura from Baja Andalucia. The Battle of Malaga was took place on 1704 08 24 off the coast of Vélez-Málaga. The municipal Cabildo was monopolized by the even regiments and the oligarchy. The 18th century was a time of growth improved also the insfraestuctura of the city. The Napoleonic invasion divided the population into two factions. The beginning of the 20th century arrived at Vélez-Málaga at Torre del Mar. The historical center of Vélez-Málaga is declared historical-artistic ensemble. The Church of Santa María la Mayor was built on the old Arab mosque. The other great church of Vélez is the Church of San Juan Bautista was built in 1487. The Church of San Francisco occupies also the site of a mosque, Mudejar-Renaissance style was founded by the Catholic Monarchs. The nucleus of Triana is in the nucleus of Triana, belongs to the Karma Guen center. The settlement began in Andalusia as a result of the first pagan persecutions.

The façade emphasizes interior patio with gallery of semicircular arches. Nautical Club of Torre del Mar was designed in 1967 by the architect Francisco Estrada Romero. Old train station responds to neomudéjar aesthetics and the regionalist. The so-called Puerta has recovered the tower of the tribute, surroundings. Casa Fuerte del Marqués is located in Valle-Niza, attached to a hornabeque. The interior is distributed around a rectangular courtyard. Palacio del Marqués was designed by also architect of the Málaga Cathedral by Miguel Delgado. Remains of the walls including the Antequera Gate and the Royal Gate. The tramline are a major shopping mall and the state-of-the-art Torre del Mar hospital, El Ingenio. The bus terminal is being expanded also through Torre with service. The larger cities of Spain are also available through the transportation infrastructure from Vélez. The most important event of the year is the Royal San Miguel festival. Other festivals celebrated include the Veladilla el Carmen, Santa Ana and Santiago.

Holy Week and Semana Santa is also on the town's calendar. Processions and 19 individual cofradias involving floats commemorating ornate resurrection and the crucifixion. This parade is seen best for Tribuna along the passage. The atmosphere takes on a more religious feel today in a large number and mourning as people dress. GITANILLO DE VÉLEZ ACTÚA DENTRO DEL CIRCUITO NOS VEMOS EN ’07 La flamante Peña Flamenca El Castillo EN TU PEÑA II DE MÁLAGA EN FLAMENCO. Starters is tucked away in the modern part of town down a slightly humdrum street. The frequently rather raucous locals propping up the bar. Ruben is remarkable for two reasons, has shared the stage in flamenco. This movement is taking currently Velez's flamenco scene by storm.

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