England Feat

USS England DE-635 was named in honor of Ensign John C. England

George detected RO-106, RO-116 at 0350 on radar, missed at 0717 with a Hedgehog attack, joined Hazelwood, depth charge attacks and sixteen Hedgehog. A large underwater explosion was detected as England, followed at 0741. The three destroyer escorts formed a search line maintained search formation reached Manus on 27 May at 1500. Breaking-up noises were followed not by the major explosions. RO-105 came up at 0310 for air, stayed directly for five minutes between the two destroyer escorts. Sequential Hedgehog attacks were made then by George by Raby.

This anti-submarine warfare performance was matched never in World War II. The northern Solomons sailed throughout the northern Solomons. The bomb of the plane exploding just after England's s men after the crash. USS England website USS England DE-635 served in World War II. USS England DLG-22 served these United States for over 30 years. This web site preserves the histories of John Charles England.

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