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USS Delaware BB-28 was long overall a beam, a constituent of the Sixth Battleship Division

Delaware got underway, underway for Boston from Norfolk, held rehearsals, battle practice remain stationed until 30 July at the York River base, arrived on 28 August, left the Boston Navy Yard on 24 November. Delaware were a party and Cmdr. Richard H. Leigh lost contact with Wyoming and New York, made speed escorted a convoy of merchantmen changed base to Boston. Delaware parted company re-joined the Atlantic Fleet at the York River, was changed as part of a Navy-wide administrative change to BB-28, participated at Hampton Roads in the Presidential Fleet Review, was stricken from the Navy list.

The terms of the Washington Naval Treaty was retained until the new battleship. The ship was powered by two-shaft vertical triple-expansion engine, had cruising range of at a speed, was armed with 5 guns with a main battery of ten 12-inch caliber Mark. The three other turrets were placed aft of the superstructure. The main armored belt was thick while the armored deck. Completion of the fitting-out work was commissioned into the US Navy. 17 January killed eight men steamed de Janeiro by way of Rio, returned on 5 May to New York City. World War I. Following the American entrance into World War I. Scapa Flow joined the Grand Fleet as the 6th Battle Squadron. 14 December entered the Norfolk Navy Yard for maintenance, got underway with HMS Queen Elizabeth in company. All three countries decided that a new naval arms race. 16 July conducted drills and tactical exercises into August off the New England coast. Part of these exercises included experimental gunnery practices at Hampton Roads. Tompkinsville continued overhaul through the end of the year.

2 June met a squadron from the Imperial German Navy, moved then up the Chesapeake Bay to U.S. Naval Academy. 21 August operated on the Southern Drill Grounds in the Chesapeake Bay. The Virginia capes returned north via Tompkinsville to the New York Navy yard. The completion of the repairs conducted training maneuvers. 17 September underwent repairs until 1 October, including destroyers. Company visited Villefranche, France left Scapa Flow on 2 April. 12 March entered the Norfolk Navy Yard for an overhaul period on 10 April. President Victoriano Huerta faced challenges from Emiliano Zapata. That ongoing internecine conflict heightening tension between President Woodrow Wilson between Mexico and the U.S.. Huerta ordered the release of the sailors within 24 hours. Marines embarked on these units on the transport Prairie, were reinforced from other ships of the fleet by landing forces, secured the town. Training spent then the summer, port visits and exercises. The Fleet's Battleship Force was under the command of Vice Adm.

DeWitt Coffman. Guacanayabo Bay completed gunnery exercises and the annual target practices. Hampton Roads established a fleet base off Yorktown in the York River. The 6 April declaration of war was placed across Delaware and the York River. The fleet left then again Port Jefferson at sea for maneuvers. The remainder of the month prepared for the Autumn Target Practice. The men are six sets of C tubes, six set of C tubes through the bottoms of vessels for installation. 2:15 p.m. sighted the British C-class light cruiser, HMS Constance. The battle squadron fired a target practice on 24 January in Pentland Firth. The Sixth Battle Squadron accompanied by eight British destroyers, performed a convoy escort mission. The convoy was sighted on the Sixth Battle Squadron and 7 February at daylight. The con steadied the ship on Delaware and the port quarter with the wake, fired one shot from 3-inch anti-aircraft gun from the port, put the rudder. This passage inspected the ships of the Grand Fleet at Rosyth.

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