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University of Puget Sound is a private liberal arts college

2012 Puget Sound become a member on 2012 10 1. The guide cites the college's dynamic curriculum, close interaction between ideal location between professors and students, focuses on liberal arts colleges. UPS opened doors is home to five sororities and four fraternities. The beginnings of the school were marked by moral conviction. The university divested attachment with an independent board and the Methodist Church, upgraded residential Internet bandwidth is ranked consistently for the number of graduates among the five top small liberal arts colleges, sponsors study, abroad programs.

The university has also a men's club Ultimate team is in the Northwest. 13 years was merged with Portland University, opened up a year in Tacoma. The character of the school changed dramatically during the presidency of Edward H. Todd. The advent of President Susan Resneck Pierce was sold promptly in a move to Seattle University. Thompson Hall underwent a major renovation has an area. Fall opened Thomas Hall, a residence hall for upper-division students. The campus is located in Washington in North Tacoma, has a notable recent history of sustainability extends the intellectual conversation beyond the classroom. The three main quads are South Quad and the North Quad. The library was designed in 1954 by Tacoma architect Silas E. Nelsen. President Thomas wrote recently a piece, opinion signed University Presidents Climate Commitment and the American College on behalf of the university. Harned Hall named for local real estate developer H.C. and alumnus, was completed the university. The building features labs, glass art by Dale Chihuly, includes laboratory spaces for chemistry for the study of biology.

Thompson Halls and Harned form a square with a courtyard. The renovation brought media resources and new technology into the Library's spaces. Wyatt Hall is the second newest academic building on campus. Kittredge Hall houses now Kittredge Gallery and the art department. Collins Memorial Library houses is a partial federal government repository. The Library was named after former trustee Everill S. Collins. A larger addition was completed in 1974, serves between the greater Tacoma community and Puget Sound as a link. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson conforms in Environmental Design Silver standards and Energy to the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership. 65 % of students live on campus, receive some form of financial aid. Further bandwidth upgrades have brought student bandwidth to 250 Mbit. Puget Sound professors have been named Washington State Professor of the Year, seven times for the Advancement of Teaching by the Carnegie Foundation, know personally students, more Carnegie Foundation teaching awards.

Students have taken three courses in the Asian Studies program. All students are considered for Faculty for Alumni, are awarded the Lillis Scholarship. Additional scholarships are available by audition through separate applications, are provided by the university to four incoming students. The Loggers participate in the NCAA's Division III Northwest Conference. The University offers 23 different varsity sports teams. A minor note got coaching start in 1976 at Puget Sound. The team's most prominent victories include defeating the University of Washington Huskies in a 3-game series, placed second overall in 2008 in 2003. Loggers hockey is subsidized for home games by ticket sales and ASUPS student body. Home games are played currently in south Tacoma at the Sprinker Ice Arena. Several sports teams have achieved some degree of success in recent years. This tremendous 4-year run earned coach Sam Ring coach of the year honors in 1993. The women's soccer team took second place in 2004 in the nation.

Eleven swim team, the Northwest Conference championship. Foolish Pleasures is an annual student film festival, films. Midnight breakfast is a celebration in the student union building. The Hatchet is the official symbol of sports teams at the University of Puget Sound, was discovered first in 1906. The seniors hand on senior recognition day the hatchet to the juniors. The hatchet's return was stolen during a false fire alarm in 1999, was returned finally in 2008 to President Ronald Thomas. A 2006 09 30 student rappelled at halftime into the football field, was revealed later by The Trail by the student newspaper. President Ronald R. Thomas signed the Talloires Declaration. KUPS has earned various awards was named in the country by The Princeton Review. The Trail is an independent student-run organization provides opportunities in journalism for students. Crosscurrents is published two times during the Fall semester during the academic year, features also writer and a guest artist in each issue. Magazines are free to the campus community, is staffed by students. The magazine features community-submitted photography, prose and poetry is published by The Black Student Union. Many Puget Sound students take on multiple minors in interdisciplinary fields. Still others do experiments in national parks and mountains in nearby waterways. The highly-regarded college guide offers high school graduates, reviews of institutions. CTCL holds information events throughout the country for families and students. Today is governed by a wholly independent board of trustees. The lecture is sponsored on Ethics by the Swope Endowed Lectureship. The next phase includes major renovations to 110,000-square-foot Thompson Hall. Puget Sound graduates include Fulbright scholars and Rhodes, notables in entrepreneurs in culture and the arts. A low student-faculty ratio provides Puget Sound students from faculty with personal attention. The middle of a residential community enjoys breathtaking views of Mt.

Rainier. The Puget Sound community was joined by friends and neighbors by alumni. 42500 square feet provides flexibility and the resources.

YearUniversity of Puget Sound
1888The University of Puget Sound was founded in 1888 by the Methodist Episcopal Church.
1906The Hatchet was discovered first in 1906.
1954The current Library building was built in 1954.
1974A larger addition was completed in 1974.
1976A minor note got coaching start in 1976 at Puget Sound.
1993This tremendous 4-year run earned coach Sam Ring coach of the year honors in 1993.
1999The hatchet's return was stolen during a false fire alarm in 1999.
2003The team's most prominent victories placed second overall in 2008 in 2003.
2004The women's soccer team took second place in 2004 in the nation.
2005The UPS Loggers hockey team was founded in 2005.
2008The hatchet's return was returned finally in 2008 to President Ronald Thomas.
2009The Logger women reclaimed title in 2009.
2012 10 12012 Puget Sound become a member on 2012 10 1.
2016 07 1President Crawford assumed office on 2016 07 1.

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