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University of Greifswald is a public research university

The founding of the university was made possible by a decree. International co-operation existed already in the earliest years. 476 Scandinavians were enrolled as six rectors at 22 faculty members and Greifswald University. Sources suggest segregated relatively life of Swedish students in the primarily German university. Professors of theology served simultaneously in the three cathedrals as pastors. Professors of medicine served usually as personal physicians of the duke. The Reformation was introduced in 1539 at the university.

The Greifswald University Library became the first centralised university library in Germany. The university signed a contract from Wittenberg with a book printer, was named after Ernst Moritz Arndt, celebrated 550th anniversary with a large variety of events, has signed also various cooperation agreements with universities. The university owns also, other artworks and various paintings as a great number of historic books, offers a wide range of opportunities to students. This contract lasted a nearly due century to the disruption. The Department of Modern Languages was established in 1853. The painter Caspar David Friedrich was born in Greifswald. Today painted later several oil paintings from the region with motifs. The name was suggested by Nazi Party member professor Walther Glawe and SA. All academic activities came towards the end of the Second World War to a halt, come from the clouds and the Sun. The dinosaur Emausaurus was named in 1990 after the acronym of the university. The end of the GDR has undergone major construction efforts.

Instance has been restored carefully like the university's main administrative building, laureates as well as two German chancellors. A new campus is in the eastern part of the city under construction. The chancellor is the head of the university administration, the university's budget. The rector is elected for a six-year term by the senate. The senate is governing second institution of the university elects the rectorate. The student parliament and The student union represent the interests of the students. Many European universities is separated into five faculties. Greifswald offers two multi-disciplinary approaches to environmental studies, is situated between isles of Rügen near the area and the sea, has a number of different student fraternities. The biotechnology department and The pharmacy department are also in Germany in the top group. The government-funded National Research Centre is named Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut in honour of the university. The first centralised university library was founded in Greifswald.

Research and teaching is cooperation outside the actual university with partners. The primary geographic focus of international collaboration is Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. Northern Europe has signed partnership agreements in Denmark with universities. Co-operation of this kind takes place with numerous prestigious universities. Parts of the land possessed have been given previously back since the German reunification to the university. The former financial independence of the university be seen still as a notable collection of art in many historic buildings. Ernst Bogislaw von Croÿ donated the Croy Tapestry, a tapestry, the Reformation. The small size of only 12000 students is comparable as Yale and St Andrews to other small universities. The city of Greifswald has several museums, a philharmonic orchestra and a theatre as a breadth of sports clubs. A medium-sized convention centre called Stadthalle Greifswald. Nordischer Klang comprises lectures movies, theatre performances, jazz music, literature and fine art.

The Hanseatic city Greifswald is organized by a pool and the PolenmARkT e.V., was supported by the city Greifswald by the Embassy of Poland. Traditional symbols corporation members wear coloured ribbons and caps at ceremonial occasions. Johannes Stark received the Nobel Prize in 1919 Nobel Prize Website in Physics. Gerhard Domagk received the Nobel Prize in Medicine Nobel Prize Website. Alfred Gomolka worked as the mathematician Felix Hausdorff for the university. Mie scattering is named for a former professor of Physics for Gustav Mie. Georg Friedrich Schömann were noted classical philologists. A number of public figures received, Hannelore Kohl and Jacques Delors. Inzwischen haben wir sowohl den Antragstext auch die &8222; &8220; feierliche Rede. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatte Göring die demokratischen Verfahrensweisen bereits. 1934 wechselte Glawe übrigens zur SA und dann in die NSDAP. &8222; Anlaß für uns einmal mehr der bundesdeutschen Rechtsprechung und, dem Strafgesetzbuch zu danken. Vorpommern setzen sich nicht nur die NPD, und Nazi-Kammeradschaften für Arndt ein. Auch die Greifswalder, national-völkischen Burschenschaften fielen in dem studentischen in Diskussionen auf. Aber auch sein Foto wird inzwischen regelmäßig auf rechtsextremen Blogs veröffentlicht. Nach rund anderthalb Jahren Bauzeit erstrahlt seit Anfang Oktober, historische Hörsaalgebäude. 14 Einrichtungen forschten zu Beginn des Zweiten Weltkriegs direkt für das Regime, darunter zum Beispiel, Institut für Physik. Gleich mehrere Geheimprojekte arbeiteten etwa für das Reichsluftfahrtministerium und, Heereswaffenamt. Auf einer eigenen Website sind bereits etliche Originaldokumente aus. Etwa dass Greifswald, Heimat für politisch missliebige Wissenschaftler gewesen. Arbeitet die Uni, eigentlich auch Ihre Rolle, Kaderschmiede. Noch leben zahlreiche Zeitzeugen des DDR Unrechtsstaates die Aktenlage zum Dritten Reich wohl stabil bleiben. Jetzt ist eben die Uni Greifswald dran, das muss politisch korrekt abgearbeitet werden.

Im Zentrum des Interesses standen dabei die Indienstnahme und Selbstindienstnahme universitärer Forschung, Lehre für außerwissenschaftliche Zwecke, Frage. Doch es gab nationalsozialistische Kernpositionen in Bezug auf. Bei Kriegsbeginn die Universität Greifswald zeitweilig geschlossen. Similar technologies are used like the European Nuclear Research Centre CERN by large research facilities. The MuSTAnG telescope be in Brazil and Japan in Australia. Aircraft electronics and example aircrew members are affected also by cosmic rays. MuSTAnG deliver at German Aerospace Centre DLR Institute important data to SWACI, support also the tourism because the predictability of polar lights in the northern regions.

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