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UNITAS are in-port training and sea exercises, several countries

The forefront of U.S. engagement activities is training and counter drug operations. The Caribbean surrounding waters from numerous ships with Coast Guard personnel and Sailors. The Joint Interagency Task Force is coordinating closely with U.S. Federal Agencies. Dozens of outreach events are completed as maintenance and restoration throughout the year. New Horizons exercises are conducted in South America and Central. Engineers focus as water wells and road improvements on clinics and building schools.

Medical Specialists provide treatment and routine surgery. The exercise involves the detection, interdiction and monitoring supports two objectives. The exercise scenario was designed by naval planners by expert. The threat of hurricanes threatening constantly the area, COMUSNAVSO. COMUSNAVSO provided also logistical support in Venezuela in the disaster relief efforts. The annual UNITAS deployment is in the Western Hemisphere. The early years of UNITAS circumnavigate South America. Each Latin American stop exercise with land forces and sea with the host nation's air. Rear Admiral Kevin Green headquartered at Puerto Rico at Naval Station Roosevelt Roads. The Caribbean Phase is conducted typically in early Spring, hosted by Colombia. A bi-lateral Amphibious Phase is conducted also for each summer for several months. The ships took part in the Atlantic Phase of the annual UNITAS exercise. Additional U.S. Navy aircraft providing air support for the Atlantic Phase. Adm. Green headquartered at Puerto Rico at Naval Station Roosevelt Roads.

Two Uruguayan destroyers traveled closely along the coastline of Uruguay. The Pacific Phase was hosted also by the Colombian Navy. Coast Guardsman and Approximately 2900 Sailors participate in Caribbean phase. U.S. Navy PC-3 Orion Patrol Aircraft Based Helicopter Squadron Light Forty-Two. Part of the ongoing training schedule conducted coordinated tactical formation operations on the high seas. The 2002 Caribbean Phase of UNITAS introduced first-time participation of naval units from the Dominican Republic and Mexico. The Mexican Navy sent The Dominican Republic and the Knox-class frigate Abasolo, tender Almirante Diez. Addition made a world premier during the Caribbean Phase.

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