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Unimak Island is the largest island

The 1946 Aleutian Islands earthquake was struck by a tsunami. The lighthouse was a steel-reinforced concrete structure above the lighthouse above the sea. Sea level had run up height of 8.1 meters above sea level. Each Instead keeper got one full year off in each 4 years of service. The 194 crew members were guests of the keepers before a relief vessel for two weeks. A 1930 Japanese freighter Koshun Maru beached near the light. A 1942 Russian freighter Turksib wrecked near the 60 survivors and the station.

A 1940 new concrete reinforce fog-signal building and lighthouse. An 1946 04 1 earthquake-generated tsunami struck the station at a.m. 2:18 Scotch Cap Lighthouse. A radiobeacon was reestablished temporarily at the radio direction finder station. A white rectangular building exhibited with flat roof from a white rectangular building.

Achill Island is the largest island

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