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Trujillo, Peru is a city, center and the most third populous city

Trujillo, Peru
Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:La Libertad
Feature Name:City
Location:-8.11599, -79.02998

Trujillo has a warm climate, an average temperature, a population of with 935.147 people during the day, is crossed by the Moche River, is set on a coastal plain of the La Libertad Region, concentrates 24 % of the activity are a unique feature of the mansions. Trujillo offer a wide variety of local food as shambar, has been always the capital of a region emerges now as equipment and service center as a cultural capital, emit radio signal type. The Independence of Trujillo was proclaimed on 1820 12 29 in the Historic Centre of Trujillo.

Roman Catholicism is 10 colonial churches and the predominant religion. The city has been developing the pilot project Trujillo presents important national festivals as competitions and Spring Festival as Marinera Festival, developed a master plan received the liberation army of Bolívar, the liberation army of Simón Bolívar. The city had 403337 inhabitants has a mild desert climate, the largest commercial activity, the highest judicial burden of the region La Libertad, the Regional Conservatory of Music, numerous dance academies than 833 schools in the region, is Christianity, Catholic, 15.1 %, a mark of fast food in the city in an area of mild climate, organized by each year by the Catholic Church, hosts also various regional directorates of the ministries. The city is governed by a provincial mayor, celebrates on every year on April. The North Group was formed here as successors with Gerardo Chavez and Eduardo González Viaña. The anthem was written with music by Ramiro Mendoza Sánchez, is performed mainly by bands of musicians for official civic ceremonies.

The history of Trujillo has beginning as the area in ancient times, extended domains along the northern coast of Peru. The Cupisnique culture sites are Huaca Prieta and Caballo Muerto include huacas. The people had formed likely into a group of autonomous polities, developed a devotion to Saint Valentine. The Late Chimu period engaged in agriculture in fishing. Archeologists have noted a dramatic rise in the volume of Chimu craft production. The men engaged in metallurgy and heavy agriculture in fishing. The Spanish colonists welcomed a diverse array of religious orders. 1577 Pope Gregory XIII created the Diocese of Trujillo in 1616 construction work. This wall was built by Giuseppe Formento by an Italian architect, reached a perimeter. The latter half of the 17th century caused a major economic crisis for the city, saw the expansion of the due city to a combination of rural-to-urban migration. Numerous undeveloped lots remained within Trujillo and the city walls. Liberal ideas became a principal centre of Peruvian republican sentiments.

Intendant José Bernardo and the city mayor declared independence on 1820 12 29 from Spain. The years following the revolution, the growth is the construction industry. Chicama valleys and The Moche emerged for the sugar cane industry as new economic enclaves. A never site of battle suffered by Chilean troops from occupation. First Independent City of Peru is considered for three reasons, signed the declaration of independence de San Carlos y San Marcelo at the Seminario. The Provisional Regulations given in 1821 by General San Martín. This status was acknowledged in 1823 in the first Constitution of Peru. The municipality of the city called then a cabildo, the rank. The 1821 Court of Appeals extended over Piura over the present departments of Cajamarca. 1824 03 26 Simón Bolívar established Trujillo's first Superior Court had been the first high court. This urban expansion allowed, Pedro Muñiz and La Unión. The administration of Don Víctor Larco Herrera began upgrading works as embellishment and the arrangement as the construction of City Hall, built also the road to the resort of Buenos Aires.

Another project was the renovation of the Municipal Theater includes a plan of action on climate change. The districts of La Esperanza was unified with the districts of La Esperanza. The IDB is developing relevant projects with the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo in coordination. The river empties on the boundary into the Pacific Ocean right. The low-lying areas of the city are very close to the higher elevations and the Pacific Ocean. The historical center of Trujillo dominates in the Plaza as the cathedral city. The Catholicism is the predominant Church in the districts. The 19th century expanded greatly due with profits and high production to extensive irrigated agriculture. The irrigated lands of the Moche River Valley produce sugarcane, asparagus and rice. The areas are in the world among the largest exporters of white asparagus. The expansion of irrigated agriculture caused an expansive growth in especially agribusiness sugar cane in the city. Chavimochic is a work of hydraulic engineering, this irrigation system. Footwear and Leather is classified within the manufacturing sector. Johnston and the Later company Backus acquired the rights to this brand. Caja Trujillo is a trademark of the largest financial company. Dulcería Castañeda is a traditional brand of candy with a product. Transportes Linea is a mark of passenger transportation. Transportes Rodrigo Carranza is a heavy load transportation company has branches in different cities of the country. The mayor is responsible for community and the municipal public administration. Nearby ruins include the Chimu adobe city of Chan Chan, the world's largest city is called sometimes Ciudad are the Moche ruins. The House of Ganoza-Chopitea has a polychromatic front in the baroque style, is the city's most representative example. The revolutionary leader Simón Bolívar lived on the Plaza in a house. The historic centre of Trujillo occupies an area of 133.5 ha. Plaza de Armas is surrounded by colonial mansions by the Cathedral.

The cathedral has the Cathedral Museum with mostly religious works of the colonial era gold. Casa Tinoco and Casa del Mayorazgo built in the 16th century. This historical monument shows beautiful balconies on both fronts. Urquiaga and Casa Calonge built in a neoclassical style, see the desk. The house is known for the cover of the lions, belonging to Banco Continental. Casa of Emancipation served as headquarters of the First Constitutional Congress. This archaeological site represented the physically capital of the Mochica culture until the 9th century from 1st century AD. The second platform is oldest similar to the Tschudi Palace. El Brujo is an Archaeological Complex about 45 km north of Trujillo. Huaca Cao Viejo and Huaca El Brujo were built between 1 by the Moche. The concentration of educational institutions is primarily for the secondary level. The expansion of state increasing participation of the private sector in education. San Marcelo and Seminary College San Carlos has in the region over 386 years of formative presence, is considered a historic school in the country. This school was founded by trujillan bishop Carlos Marcelo Corne on 1625 11 4. College Rafael Narvaez Cadenillas is a pilot school, was founded in local spaces of the UNT campus in 1992. Another museum belonging to the painter Gerardo Chavez, is located at the largest mud city at the foot of Chan Chan. The festival is was held in 1950, closes with corso and the spring parade, is accompanied by the fashion show by a procession of the patron Saint Joseph. The festival took place in the District of Huanchaco from the early 20th century. Peruvian government has declared this kind of horses as Nation's cultural heritage. This event features singers, international exponents of the lyric from Europe and Asia from Americas, has been realized in various locations. District residents were emulating the famous Venetian Carnival. The carnival has many activities is a costumbrist event. The International version began performing at the Municipal Theatre since 1977. The celebrations include also afternoon sports and morning. Addition performed also dances and various art shows as tondero and marinera. Also contests are held from the gastronomy of Trujillo as the best dishes of the fair representatives. The dish is prepared using 5 basic ingredients be accompanied as sweet potatoes by products, has been declared National Cultural Heritage by the Peruvian government. The Peruvian coast was consumed fish with chili and salt. Salaverry port is located some north of Callao linking good with the Panamerican Highway and Trujillo. This port has great commercial due activity to agricultural exports. The west of the city starts from the sector of Buenos Aires. The Huanchaco longboard world is a surfing competition, place. Copa Ciudad is an international competition of football features four teams. All matches are played in Trujillo at the Estadio Mansiche. The commission of the Bolivarian Sports Organization traveled to the city. Trujillo Botanical Garden houses a large number of different plants. This botanical garden preserves species houses also a great variety of birds. This ecological reserve extracted the raw material for the manufacture of the ancient Caballitos. Gallery pictures of Trujillo Includes Geographical information by various authors. Las estimaciones y proyecciones, y proyecciones de población por principales de población por.

YearTrujillo, Peru
1625 11 4This school was founded by trujillan bishop Carlos Marcelo Corne on 1625 11 4.
1647The Cathedral built between 1647.
1821The Provisional Regulations given in 1821 by General San Martín.
1823This status was acknowledged in 1823 in the first Constitution of Peru.
1932Trujillo was, the first city in the Americas in 1932.
1950The festival was held in 1950.
1977The International version began performing at the Municipal Theatre since 1977.
1992College Rafael Narvaez Cadenillas was founded in local spaces of the UNT campus in 1992.
2006The study reveals that in 2006.

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