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Tritia Toyota is a current adjunct assistant professor and a former Los Angeles television news anchor

Jim started at KOSI-Denver in radio, is an anchor, vp for Citadel cluster at all-News KNX, 's the also announcer on the Wheel of Fortune. Jill lives in Oregon in Portland, works in a medical school as an actress, was born in 1940 in Hollywood, went to Pierce Colleges and both L.A.C.C. Jill was the host covered mainly entertainment news worked weekends at the all-Jazz station. Bud is engaged in Orange County in many entrepreneurial activities, was a longtime sports columnist for a number of L.A. newspapers.

Rick was host of KABC, a commanding figure, at 6, died in 1995 08 8, signed in San Diego on Z90, consulted also for Jerry Clifton's New World Communications. The Decatur Herald was the author of several books, a best seller, aresident of Las Vegas at the time of death. Mike worked at Dial Global's Hot AC format, was appointed pd at KSPN, syndicated ESPN midday sports has been the play-by-play voice of ESPN. Mike left as vp of broadcasting, has an active voiceover career, an actor is the on-camera game show host on digital tv, lives in Costa Mesa. Kirk is at WJZW-Washington on Smooth Jazz, 's director of operations at Radio-One. Suzy joined KIIS for weekends, arrived from Y100-Miami and Q100-Atlanta. One point was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader worked at WJMN-Boston. Bill is vp of news for MetroNetworks, worked at Shadow Traffic, 's writing now news on the east coast for 5 stations. Five years Bob was the general operations manager in Roswell for five radio stations. Chris worked evenings has an active production facility.

Mark left a format, KBIG in late 1997, was a frequent fill-in, morning anchor and the news director, the pd at KABC on the Salem Radio Network, lives now in West Virginia on a farm, arrived from a pd in Southern California. Mark filled in as a team, co-starred on an Empty Nest episode, was featured in an NBC Movie of the Week, teamed for the TaylorDavis show with Guy Davis, joined Gloria Allred, KPCC at KABC for a midday show. Mark worked at ESPN Sports KSPN, began a morning show at KSWD, was named pd at WERV-Chicago. The native of Nacogdoches attended Stephen F. Austin State College and Texas A&M worked in Houston and San Antonio. Michael was shot in South Los Angeles to death execution-style, passed away in the early 2000. A vacant lot was found near railroad tracks, had been shot several times. Taylor enrolled at KPFK in a radio apprenticeship program. Mike Baez used the name Sky Walker on Country KIKF, had been doing traffic reports for AirWatch. Stacy worked morning drive at KLSD-San Diego, hosts now a website.

Steve reports now for Fox News Radio from Washington, joined the Progressive talker for weekends. Zack worked at Dial-Global syndicators at the Hot AC format. Brie worked weekends until a Clear Channel at KOST, is now at fill-in and the WAVE weekends. Everybody loved dad lived near Yosemite in Sonora, wanted a place. &8221; Born Terrance Crilly left an indelible mark on Top 40. Frank was an author, poet and a history buff at KOGO, worked way at K up the 40 Top ladder beginning, loved music broadcast show from every almost day from a remote location. Frank called the kid. Frank Terry was the Ringo Starr, Gene Krupa and Hal Blaine gave just the charts. Ken left radio, computer work was bylined a piece for LARadio.com. Joe works the Country format was, a mixer, a staff announcer, with PBS's KCET at KBIG, became the coach of the LA Dodgers until 2010, was given credit. Joe retired to Balboa Island. Ted is part of the Internet revolution, ceo of Theodore Myles Publishing worked at the Internet's KNAC.Com, co-hosts now a podcast with Poorman, left KFSH.

Ted does fill-in at KOST. Lloyd was spent many years with David Horowitz as producer of the Emmy-winning Fight. Jack was general manager at KLAC, is the radio announcer for the St. Louis Rams. Theo worked afternoons joined KDAY left KDAY in late 2008, hosts syndicated radio show. The co-star of the hit movie Mr. Holland attended the University of Tennessee. Jay spent three years at WAYS-Charlotte, need the work commented on the station's award, includes Cheers. Jay has won an Emmy told the LA Times that KPWR in 1993 09, parlay not television popularity was settled in late 1994. KPWR captured NAB's first Marconi Award in New Orleans during the 1989 convention. John works in Jacksonville for an Oldies station, was doing was San Francisco station KEWB received a letter from President Johnson. John started middays on 6.8.09 at KGIL, left early evening Talk show on 2007 11 13 at KFI, is hosts and a now documentarian, a podcast with Leah Brandon. Late spring headed by late July to Randy Michaels's start-up FM News station, spent a few months with WINS-New York. The WAVE and K-EARTH was appointed pd at the WAVE and K-EARTH, left for the programming chores on 2014 05 1. Scott has been working swing at KOIT-San Francisco, worked mornings for six years at KURB-Little Rock, 's now nurse. WMC-Memphis was afternoon dj and the first pd at KIKfm. Larry is gm at the Lancaster station in the mortuary business, attended UCLA, career moved for two years to Europe, was a news anchor, at KNX Newsradio. Larry did satirical news under the name at KMET, lives in designs computer networks and Seattle, has an active voiceover career. Delores worked all-nights at KJLH, is programming currently KOSA Internet radio, weekends. Erik is the promo voice for narrator and the National Geographic network. Fellow Canadian Lorne Greene worked at British Columbia at CJVI-Victoria. Gary left afternoons at KLAC, 's doing weekends at 100.3, is with public radio KXJZ-Sacramento. The former weatherman left before the year, contributes on Tuesday evenings to the Tim Conway Show.

XTRA Sports moved in 2005 to KLAC, 's the now color man for the LA Lakers. Bea was born on 1925 01 17, was an actress, the voice, the also voice of Connie, the Computer, football scores died in Toluca Lake on 2003 09 2, did the reports on a remote mike from home. Bea has been honored with numerous industry awards, was named Advertising Woman o, the Year in 1976 by the Los Angeles Advertising Women. Bruce played the pompous Plymouth dealer worked morning drive, afternoons at KCBH at KELT, was, Deputy Marshal Chalk Breeson in The Outlaws in the tv series, had been suffering with diabetes-related problems in recent years. Bruce arrived from K101-San Francisco at KIIS, had starring role in Irma La Douce in the 1963 film, died in 1973 in a plane crash. Peter worked late evenings, overnights until a major downsizing at KABC, took over mornings on 2009 09 25 at KABC, moved at KABC to evenings, holds now down the 10 a.m. Peter left the beer bar business was a home exercise device, Slim Gym said the Slim Gym is syndicated by Wisconsin Public Radio, hosted a sports. Rolling Stone magazine named in America as the Best Rock Station. Keri has a very successful voiceover career was at KTWV among the original radio personalities, returned to KTWV. Val hosted Offbeat Notes on Music, is no longer in radio. Tonya Campos is the music director host at Country KKGO. 2011 early baseball commissioner Bud Selig appointed Joe, the new executive vice president for Major League Baseball for baseball operations. Jesse owns Wik 'd Management, an artist management company had recurring many roles in daytime tv, 's had also roles in Knight Rider and Trapper John MD. Time built own recording studio in Scottsdale, personifies the voice 's doing mornings from L.A. at KSFO-San Francisco, left KSFO in late 2016. Bernie was an integral part of Bill Drake died on 2011 01 12, began at KYNO in Fresno. A 1968 True magazine article described the role Torres. Harvey was at KPPC, sits occasionally during the Old-Time radio broadcasts in for at KCSN and KPPC. Sales opened Associates and Malloy, ad agency and a buying service in Pasadena. The careers of The Beach Boys hosted also Disneyland, &8217; s Saturday night dance party. The 80 &8217;s specialized in &8221; branch of the family business in the &8220; art, was elected soon president of the Beverly Hills Art Gallery Association. Leon hosts the Thursday morning drive time Morning Cup of Jazz with Leon, graduated in 2002 from The Academy of Radio Broadcasting. KABC was a producer with Leon Kaplan for the Motorman show. Trotter's next move was in Hollywood to KABC, won the Gavin Award. Several years moved in Dallas to station KBOX, passed away on 1976 05 19, keeps still hands in PR and marketing. John Trotter was inducted in 1996 into the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame. Earl exited for Crawford Broadcasting as the Pacific Northwest cluster manager, 's a now media consultant for the Kansas City Automotive Museum. Tammy left all-News KFWB, a format joined KPCC is news director, the also news narrator for online content provider Wochit for news director and Cameron Broadcasting, continues work at Mt. San Antonio College as professor of Broadcasting. The 1972 season was the color man for Los Angeles Sharks hockey team. KMPC's morning drive started reporting sports commentary on KMPC's morning drive. Tuna replaced eventually Van Dyke landed as pd of KOY in Phoenix. Charlie started noon-to-three on KHJ, was named rock dj of the year by the LA Times in 1970, went to KCBQ-San Diego, was the first morning personality, the first KHJ with numerous radio specials on KROQ. Charlie replaced Charlie Van Dyke at KHJ, teamed briefly with Dean Goss, worked on KMPC and KABC as 1994 summer fill-in, moved in 1973 to morning drive, created the ultimate maintenance promotion. Charlie was gone before summer of that year, took over mornings at KRTH. A month Charlie started as the morning anchor on all-Sports KMPC, was active in Voice of America, appeared in the Universal movie Rollercoaster. Fran left Metro Networks in 2001, is active recording audio books. Barry worked weekend sports for a number of Ventura County stations at KNX, was known as a part-timer in Los Angeles, had a long run with KHAY-Ventura with KVEN, was awarded a Golden Mike in 1992. Barry experienced various health issues over the years, used also the name Brad Wallace was Brian Wilson's second cousin. Whittier grew up in Garden Grove, earned a bachelor, &8217; s degree from Cal State Fullerton in communications. The &8220; Mr. Rock co-produced the Fox documentary Marilyn Monroe. Turner paved the way for many young audiophiles, produced music videos for L.A. bands. &8221; Mary married Norm Pattiz, chairman and founder became alcohol counselor and a UCLA-certified drug, a Ph.D. worked for the legendary Tom Donahue as an engineer, was a strong female voice in the San Francisco area for five years. &8221; Mary increased real exposure. Mary Pattiz has become the new chairwoman of the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage at Eisenhower Hospital. The program director became partners and fast friends in crime. Pete is a member of the Thousand Oaks Planning Commission been active for a number of years in local politics, was born in Long Beach, started broadcasting career at Mississippi at WSSO-Starkville. Doug McIntyre &8217; been ve a sportscaster 'm ready for anything. Randy works middays at the Contemporary Christian station. Turk and Both Natalie worked at Premiere Radio, has two young children puts Turk was the also only Love Songs producer at KOST. Turk was the sports, color commentator and anchor, a also staple on Fox on the Big Ben Maller Show, spent 25 years on various networks. The days of email help edit the hundreds of listener letters. The Mardi Gras Parade and the Disneyland Parade marched past the KOST microphone. Erin Vermeulen worked morning drive sports with Bill Handel at KFI. Vermeulen began career in Detroit at the 1310 former WYUR. &8221; Valot has also experience, international issues participated in several international exchange programs, was honored with international radio prize with the 2nd place, aired on KPCC. Those programs resulted for Southern California in several international stories. Tommy was, a British dj at KHJ, made a household name in London. Oxford started working in Seattle, presented also BBC1's Top. Dave oversaw over tv clients and 2000 radio, has won 7 Gold Mikes, three consecutive best newscast awards has retired to Michigan. Chuck is working at Cal State Long Beach on a Master's degree. Vasgersian is a currently play-by-play announcer for Fox Sports's coverage. David hosts the Dodger, post-game show started as a substitute in the 20 season, taught in Boston at University Hospital, is a voiceover talent. Pat is in features and real estate-related news a regular contributor and a real estate analyst to KNX. Josh left during a Clear Channel, 's now program director at KMYZ-Tulsa. The media was fascinated that the husband team with the fact. The mid-1980s parked in the duo's San Fernando Valley driveway, explained then-wife the highest ratings. A year returned in 2011 to the Southland, has narrated 20 audiobooks. Monica conducts a report for Classical KUSC on the Arts. Boston wrote over 13 books, went at Tufts University to medical school. Bob was appointed general manger in Orange Country and Thousand Oaks at Amaturo's JILL stations. Dominic runs a video production company, VIDEOComm Productions in Laguna Niguel, married the KNOB owner's daughter, Madelaine. The &8221; weekly show offers commentary from artist interviews and Xzibit. The former L.A. Dodger catcher hosted a baseball show during the launch of KMPC, helms now the Long Beach Breakers, professional baseball club. The former mayor hosted a morning drive show into an all-Talk format during KGBS's brief move. Ace works mornings at KZAP-Sacramento with Jeff Gonzer. Jonathan is a psychologist for the History Channel in a commentator and Santa Barbara. Dexter was a sound engineer for Johnny Williams and Sam Riddle for Humble Harve. The former morning man writes now for Mohave Valley Daily News. Victor does now traffic in San Francisco at KFRC and KCBS. Jeanne spent in San Diego, co-hosted the San Diego Padre's pre-game show for Prime Sports West, joined Fox Sports as part of the original broadcast team in 1996. The veteran sports columnist was the youngest sport editor in Los Angeles, had started as a copy boy at the paper. A brief stint has been a news anchor since 1981 at KNXNewsradio, served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a corporal.

YearTritia Toyota
1940Jill was born in 1940 in Hollywood.
1955Trotter's next move was in Hollywood to KABC.
1964A brief stint served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a corporal.
1970Charlie was named rock dj of the year by the LA Times in 1970.
1973Charlie moved in 1973 to morning drive.
1976A heavy smoker stopped smoking in 1976.
1981A brief stint has been a news anchor since 1981 at KNXNewsradio.
1983Charles died in 1983.
1992Barry was awarded a Golden Mike in 1992.
1994Jay was settled in late 1994.
1995 08 8Rick died in 1995 08 8.
1996Jeanne joined Fox Sports as part of the original broadcast team in 1996.
1997Mark left a format, KBIG in late 1997.
1999The sassy Latina left in early 1999.
2000Michael passed away in the early 2000.
2001 01 7Dick died in Des Moines on 2001 01 7.
2001Fran left Metro Networks in 2001.
2002Leon graduated in 2002 from The Academy of Radio Broadcasting.
2003 09 2Bea died in Toluca Lake on 2003 09 2.
2005XTRA Sports moved in 2005 to KLAC.
2008Theo left KDAY in late 2008.
2010Joe became the coach of the LA Dodgers until 2010.
2011A year returned in 2011 to the Southland.
2012Mark joined Gloria Allred, KPCC at KABC for a midday show.
2014 05 1The WAVE and K-EARTH left for the programming chores on 2014 05 1.
2016Time left KSFO in late 2016.

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