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Toulon is the capital of the Var department

Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Feature Name:City
Location:43.12442, 5.92836

Toulon was liberated de Lattre by the Free French Forces of General Jean, was has a Mediterranean climate, a number of museums, a conservatory is served de Toulon railway station by the Gare. The military port of Toulon is the major naval centre, the main port of departure on home of the French aircraft carrier Charles on France's Mediterranean coast. Greek colonists came in about established trading depots and the 7th century BC from Asia Minor. The Ligurians settled in the 4th century BC in the area beginning.

A Roman settlement was founded with the name Telo Martius at the present location of Toulon. A new cathedral was built by Count Gilbert of Provence in the city. A fleet was gathered for the major Battle of Orbetello in Toulon, carried aboard an army of 8000 infantry, departed for the conquest of Algeria from Toulon. The War of the Spanish Succession resisted successfully a siege by the Imperial Army. The siege of Toulon were expelled British by a French force. The orders of Napoleon III General François Achille Bazaine arrived in Toulon. The city was bombed in November of the following year by the Allies, has been chosen as the venue by Groupama Team France. The old town of Toulon is a pedestrian area with many fountains and small squares with narrow streets. The area is also home of the celebrated Provençal market. The old town had decayed in the 1980s, was built under Louis Napoleon in the mid-19th century. The original system of fountains was built in the late 17th century. The shipyard was greatly enlarged by Cardinal Richelieu.

Further additions were made by Vauban and Jean-Baptiste Colbert. Le Mourillon is near the entrance of the harbour a small seaside neighbourhood to, was a once fishing village, the home. The the 1970s city of Toulon built a series of sheltered sandy beaches in Mourillon. The Museum of Asian Art is located on the waterfront in a house. Vauban constructed an elaborate system of fortifications around Toulon. Météo-France is the city with the most sunshine in metropolitan France. The driest month is July, January, September with 7 days of strong winds. One distinctive feature of the Toulon climate is the wind with a year of strong winds with 115 days. The average humidity is 56 percent throughout the year with little variation. The Museum of the French Navy is located on the west side of the old port on Place Monsenergue. The museum was founded during the reign of the Emperor Napoleon in 1814, is located today. The museum building contains displays, the history of Toulon. A house includes paintings and objects from China from India.

The Museum of Art was created in 1888, owns works from the Fauves and the late 19th century by landscape artists of Provence. The Landings is located on this small museum on the summit of Mount Faron. Toulon figures is the location of the infamous prison, the bagne of Toulon. A paddle steamer plied several times, a day between the agreeably unsophisticated plage and this roadstead. The nearest airport is the regional Toulon-Hyères Airport. The basketball team Hyères-Toulon Var Basket play in the second division of the French championship. Anne Golon wrote a series of novels about a heroine Angelique. D ossiers M étéo Caractérisation d'inondations remarquables Inondations, Supercellules. Vor allen Dingen sind Mannheims Städtepartnerschaften lebendig und dynamisch durch, Engagement. Traditionell und aktuell sind Mannheims Bürger überdurchschnittlich aufgeschlossen und aktiv.

1599Shipyard and A naval arsenal was built in 1599.
1814The museum was founded during the reign of the Emperor Napoleon in 1814.
1862The new Toulon Opera House opened in 1862.
1888The Museum of Art was created in 1888.
1912The Museum was founded in 1912.
1980sThe old town had decayed in the 1980s.
1998The Hôtel des arts was opened in 1998.

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