Touch, Peel and Stand was released in 1997

Touch, Peel and Stand: Deed, Contact, Tap, Hit, Dig, Kiss, Kiss, Catch, Handling, Fingering, Grope, Palpation, Tickle, Stroke, Tag, Lick, Grazing, Manner, Common Touch, Tactile Property, Adeptness, Finishing Touch, Somatosense, Exteroception, Perception, Cutaneous Sensation, Suggestion, Solicitation, Communication, Contact, Brush, Stroke, Small Indefinite Quantity, Snuff, Attack, Change, Strike A Blow, Repercuss, Tell On, Redound, Stimulate, Process, Hydrolize, Tinge, Queer, Hit, Subject, Trouble, Influence, Slam-dunk, Dye, Henna, Tincture, Understand, Hint, Consume, Receive, Cover, Cling, Rub, Attach, Hug, Border, Surround, Lean On, Engage, Touch, Toe, Pick Up, Strike, Finger, Feel, Palpate, Handle, Caress, Hit, Brush, Skim Over, Hit, Strike, Kiss, Kiss, Mouth, Press, Tag, Touch, Change, Upset, Violate, Affect, Get, Perceive, Manage, Compete, Focus On, Apply, Involve, Matter To, Be, Reach Into

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