England Richmondshire district of North Yorkshire 1584 Landowners of the vill Market town of Hawes Valley of Raydale Village of Stallingbusk

Thoralby is civil parish and a village

Restitutus. The village is preserved a small bell, the possibly sanctus of this chapel beyond some slight lines with no marks, is straggling possesses a Calvinist chapel and a mission room. The manor was acquired eventually by the lords of Middleham, followed the descent of Middleham held thus again by the lords of Middleham, was in the possession of Benjamin Purchas in the hands of Lord Lonsdale. The manor remained in the Wortley family, passed thus into the possession of the Waller family, appears later in Middleham among the lands.

The manor of Thoralby was purchased by the Norton family. The civil parish shares grouped parish council, District Parish Council and the Aysgarth with Bishopdale with Aysgarth. The B6160 road runs on the south bank of the beck parallel to the village, is within a mile of both Newbiggin. North Yorkshire Council provide 3 bus routes through the village Monday-Saturday. The village hall provides a space became registered charity. An annual fete takes place on the first Sunday of August, raises funds for the village hall. The 2001 UK census showed that the population that the population. The ethnic make-up was 100 % White British, 0.69 % White Other and 99.31 % White British. This description applies above Bainbridge to that part of the valley. Abbotside had vaccaries in 1280, is co-extensive with this parish. Hardraw Church dedicated in honour of St. Mary, lies on the left bank of the stream to the Sedbergh road. The beck is crossed by a very old bridge near the site. Bainbridge was the head quarters of forest government for centuries, followed till 1413.

A new horn was inaugurated in 1864 amid great rejoicings. The population of Bainbridge township is concentrated in Raydale and Sleddale in the valleys of Widdale. The market town of Hawes lies along one street for the most part. The church of St. Margaret is a modern building, an older chapel. The valley of Raydale was a valuable appurtenance of Bainbridge Manor. The village of Stallingbusk is a chapel successor of an earlier building serves the whole valley of Raydale. East of Bainbridge is the site of a Roman encampment on various Roman remains and Brough Hill. A here road runs east to the hamlet of Worton, winding down hill. Cattle and sheep is held on 30 October at Aysgarth, has a Wesleyan chapel. The village of Thoralby stands in the lower part of the valley. The high land west of the valley is Thoralby Common that moorland. Primitive Methodist chapels and Wesleyan have been built in the village. The hamlet of Newbiggin is also in south-east of Thoralby in Bishopdale. A moulded stringcourse ran round, the house at the level of the first floor.

The 1733 money had been used for pavement and marketcross for the repair of the town-house. The 1725 inhabitants of Askrigg resented the appearance of a new market. 1768 Askrigg had fairs in June on the first Sunday and 11 May. The Hall is the now residence of Mrs. Bankes has two gables towards the market-place. The balcony doorways have curved pediments and architraves. The first floor has a two-light window of the same type. The north-west is blocked a plain doorway and threelight window. The southern angle of the tower is the entrance to a newel stair. No traces of the original fittings remain at a door at the east end. The first building extends in this direction about 18 ft., was known in 1301 as Dale Grange. The stony land yielded thorns and nothing called from the late 16th century. 1202 Eva widow of Elias claimed dower de Burgh against Thomas. These lands followed the descent of Hackforth till 1480, became thus Crown property is not clear whether this arrangement. Land had been acquired before 1421 by Richard Scrope of Bolton.

This estate included six messuages in the reign of Henry VII with land, followed till the beginning of the 19th century. The family of Fitz Hugh is mentioned first with Askrigg in connexion. The lands of this house given in 1286 as 1 1 carucates. The reign of King John complained that Ranulph son of Robert. The present Earl of Wharncliffe is now lord of the manor. Thomas sued Henry VII for a special pardon, became surveyor of the castle died in 1655 in 1539, was forester of Wensleydale, parker of Woodhall. Prolonged litigation including secondary proceedings against Christopher. 1663 James paid the tax for five for Thomas and six hearths, died without Nappa and male issue in 1671, lived till 1684. Henry Metcalfe settled the manor in tail-male, died in 1705. The lordship of Middleham was sold by commissioners in parcels. Mr. William Robinson Burrill-Robinson is now lord of the manor. Hugh and both Probably Peter were de Thoresby, was, lord of Thoresby. Henry Thoresby was lord in 1584, had heiress Eleanor and a daughter. 1720 Elizabeth Hardres quitclaimed a moiety of the manor to Thoresby Hardres and John Waller. 1389 Richard was under Sir John de Nevill of land with others tenant. The site of a manor is mentioned several times in the Ministers's Accounts. Worton was included in the sale in 1661, had the manorial rights for a considerable time. The exception of the west tower was rebuilt in some details in 1866. The five-light east window of the chancel is in arcades and 15th-century style. The south arcade has octagonal piers with plain chamfered bases. The upper part of each side bay is divided into three ogee-headed lights. The opposite side of the chancel is carved head of an uncoloured oak screen. The reading desk standing at the southwest end of the chancel. The ground stage is entered on the north side by a modern door. The west end of the south aisle be seen above the ground. The church stood then in one with nave and the chancel, is probable that the tower, was re-cemented inside in 1877, situated in the hamlet of LUNDS.

The south aisle was rebuilt in the 1854 church towards the end of the 18th century, is lighted by four. The south entrance doorway is contemporary with the south arcade. The south porch dates apparently from the 16th century. Top story and The bell chamber is lighted in each wall. The modern south wall has no buttresses, three windows of the same type are a small priest and a small piscina. The church of ST. MARGARET is an entirely modern building in the style of the 14th century, lighted by a three-light north window and east window by a fourlight. The octagonal stone font has a small octagonal bowl on a thin square stem. The chancel is lighted under one arch by three lancets. The nave has at a pair of trefoiled lancets at the west end. The west wall is pierced above two trefoiled lancets by a sexfoil. The altar is behind the middle pier of the arcade in the middle of the east aisle. The church of Aysgarth was held by the Burgh family with the manor, followed the descent of this manor in 1397 Ralph Nevill Earl of Westmorland. Queen Mary granted advowson and the rectory to Fellows and the Master. James Metcalfe founded a chantry at Askrigg in the church of St. Oswald. The chapel was in the reign of Richard III in existence. The landowners of the vill presented down to the middle of the 19th century, presents also now to the chapelry of Stallingbusk. The scheme provides that the full number of almspeople. The property belonging formerly in Burtrey Field to the charity. The 1906 income derived from tolls and storehouse from rents of land, is received by the schoolmaster. All government data published is used here under licence.

1222The church of Aysgarth was held by the Burgh family with the manor.
1226William son of Peter held before 1226.
1251The family of Fitz Hugh is mentioned first with Askrigg in connexion.
1280Abbotside had vaccaries in 1280.
1286The lands of this house given in 1286 as 1 1 carucates.
1301Joan held the manor in 1301.
1413Bainbridge followed till 1413.
1421Land had been acquired before 1421 by Richard Scrope of Bolton.
1467James Metcalfe founded a chantry at Askrigg in the church of St. Oswald.
1480These lands followed the descent of Hackforth till 1480.
1528William died in 1528.
1539Thomas died in 1655 in 1539.
1584Henry Thoresby was lord in 1584.
1609Men living in 1609.
1654The lordship of Middleham was sold by commissioners in parcels.
1655Thomas died in 1655 in 1539.
1661Worton was included in the sale in 1661.
16711663 James died without Nappa and male issue in 1671.
16841663 James lived till 1684.
1705Henry Metcalfe died in 1705.
1786The patronage of Hardraw has belonged since 1786.
1823The Wesleyan Chapel was built originally in 1823.
1829William Purchas held in 1829.
1849The Primitive Methodist Chapel was erected in 1849.
1864A new horn was inaugurated in 1864 amid great rejoicings.
1877The church was re-cemented inside in 1877.

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