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The Valley of Fear is owen Dudley Edwards, Reader

Sergeant Wilson found a card with the initials beside the corpse. This mark had been noticed many times before upon John Douglas's forearm. The chief Sussex detective had arrived by 3:00 at Birlstone House. Edwards had infiltrated a dangerous gang in Vermissa Valley. Birlstone Manor is based closely near Tunbridge Wells on Groombridge Place. A 1986 BBC adaptation starring Andrew Hilton and Tim Pigott-Smith, Michael Williams and Clive Merrison. A 2015 Imagination Theater adaptation starring Lawrence Albert and John Patrick Lowrie, Several films, the book.

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes starring Arthur Wontner as Watson as Ian Fleming and Holmes. The general editor is Owen Dudley Edwards, Reader in University of Edinburgh in History. The other editors are Richard Lancelyn Green, Doyle bibliographer. The Select Bibliography lists Doyle's major publications. The Chronology indicates the succinctly relationship of Doyle. The Note indicates the original form of publication whether a manuscript. Further publication data are given at the beginning of the Explanatory Notes. Textual variants are recorded in the Explanatory Notes. The series of short stories published in the Strand Magazine.

Pessimism is a mental attitude

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