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Technical University of Munich is a research university, a member of TU9

1958 Research Reactor Munich assigned officially to the TH München. 2000 Establishment of Weihenstephan Science Centre belonging to the TUM. 2004 Official opening of Forschungsreaktor München II leading neutron source. Numerous excellent TUM professors have secured place, place in many important scientists in the history of technology. The prerequisites were created at the start of the 19th century at the start of the 19th century. Further qualification purposes was set up in 1833 in 1833. King Ludwig II founded structured newly Polytechnische Schule München, Polytechnische Schule München.

The first Principal was the former Head of the Engineering Course, Karl Max von Bauernfeind, the former Head of the Engineering Course, Karl Max von Bauernfeind. The new building took up residence, residence in Arcisstrasse in the new building. Those days were taught by 21 lecturers and 24 professors by 21 lecturers and 24 professors. The college was divided into five sections into five sections. The former College of Agriculture was absorbed into the Department of Agriculture into the Department of Agriculture. The tradition of the Weihenstephan campus dates to the agricultural school to the agricultural school. The eight departments of the TH München were reorganised in 1934 into six faculties. The Third Reich was imposed on the TH München on the TH München, suffered considerable restrictions, considerable restrictions. Similar organisations were on the lecturers's level in place. Jewish students enjoyed no longer the same rights, the same rights. The attitude of the university professors was characterised on critical distancing and the one hand by opportunistic conformance.

Many years including the Max-Planck Society, the Bavarian Academy of Science. The internationally acclaimed installation of the Research Reactor Munich gained a third location, third location. The Physics Department building was opened there in 1969 in 1969. The following year comprised six faculties, institutes and 168 chairs, six faculties, institutes and 168 chairs in the region of 5700 university staff about 8400 undergraduates, is the first time, a US institution, the top spot. The university's 100th anniversary has 32.547 students, 9704 members and 507 professors, a budget rose also in the natural sciences. Critical tendencies were also at the TH München in evidence. The introduction of the Bavarian Higher Education Law were replaced by smaller departments by eleven. Addition were established as sports sciences for environmental research and regional planning, takes part take 6 other non-technical short modules. Bavaria replaced by structures of student involvement by structures of student involvement.

Numerous other reform procedures have been realised under the auspices of TUM since 1995. A second large campus is located about 10 km north of Munich in Garching. The third TUM campus is 35 located km north of Munich in Freising in Weihenstephan. The Extended Board of Management advises the Executive Board of Management. The TUM Supervisory Board is the TUM's monitoring body, committee, the members of the Senate. The External University Council comprises eight high-ranking representatives from culture from the fields of science. The TUM Graduate School was founded in 2009 05, officiates as the parent organization of the TUM, is presided over by the Graduate Dean, are supervised by an administration team and a manager. TGCs and Currently 8 FGCs exist officially in formation with a 13 further graduate centers. This claim is supported as the research rankings and the DFG-Förderranking by relevant rankings. The seventh European Union Research Framework Program coordinates thus far nine projects.

The traditional key areas addressed by powerful links by technical universities. Close collaboration provided important contributions to Bavaria's development. The European Commission compiled a list of the 22 universities with the highest scientific impact in the EU. This ranking was compiled on Technology Indicators and Science as part of the Third European Report. The Academic Ranking of World Universities is ranked in the world at 47th place. Technologist published by references and Eurotech Universities Notes. The winter term of the 1930 National Socialist German Student Union became the strongest group within general student organisation of the THM within the AStA. The TUM University Foundation shapes the alliance between society and the state. The 2016 winter semester had fourteen academic departments than a staff and 500 professors over 40000 students. The international alumni network connects alumni and students, sponsors and professors. The program includes a project seminar is application and research. The English language is not the language medium and native language. This time complete logistics and 12 transport, related modules. The master thesis and The internship be undertaken either in a company at TUM. The Department of Architecture has 200 members and 1.500 students.

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