DCS Open source project Devices Track Communication Software Toolkit

TANGO is a free open source, device-oriented controls toolkit

TANGO: Ballroom Dancing, Dance Music, Dance

The basic communication model is the client-server model. Devices implement object store setup values and configuration. Hundreds of Device Classes have been written by the community. The libraries are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Device servers and Tools are under the GNU General Public License. The LGPL licence allows the TANGO libraries in products. Source code is stored on SourceForge in two SVN repositories. Bug fixes and Local modifications be made to the source code.

TANGO papers presented at 2009 TANGO papers at ICALEPCS. Data Acquisition systems and Supervisory Control are typically industrial type systems, standard hardware. Tango Controls is a toolkit, a mature software, Source provides full support for 3 programming languages. The fourth edition of the ERC be held in Poland in Poland, is no coincidence, no coincidence that this place that this place. A track formed for the needs of the competition by experts. The mission include a big variety of scientific experiments, a big variety of scientific experiments. Mars Planet is involved with an experiment in this mission.

Assembly language is a low-level programming language

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