Research Center Computer Name of the university Construction

Syiah Kuala University has two technical implementation units and two division

The laboratories are spread across faculties and departments. The teachers and The students came as Turki Sultanate from around the world. The beginning of the Acehnese Province was formed the leaders of the Acehnese government. YDKA was led by Governor Ali Hasjmy by Regent M. Husen. The creator's commission was chaired as the vice-chairman by Lieutenant Colonel T. Hamzah and Governor Ali Hasjmy. The embryo of Unsyiah was begun from the Faculty of Economics. The development was followed by Agricultural Faculty by the founding of the Engineering Faculty.

Syiah Kuala university has sport facilities as football stadium and softball field as tennis court. The Administration Center is a unit of the administration. Multipurpose Building and Academic Activity Center is a facility. The building is used by public and campus for activities. An academic quality assurance system was estabnlished in 2006. The organizational structure of this body includes quality assurance at department and faculty at the university. Madrasah Dinayah Mosque be relocated to the Islamic Center complex.

Assembly language is a low-level programming language

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