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Sydney, Nova Scotia is former city and a population centre, a diverse mixture of nationalities

Sydney, Nova Scotia: State Capital
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Nova Scotia
Feature Name:City
Location:46.1351, -60.1831

Sydney include owned privately bulk coal, pier. A rapid population expansion occurred just after the turn of the 20th century. The post-war period witnessed a major decline in the number of people. The city's population encircles completely the Membertou First Nation. Today are in tourism and customer support call centres. The capture of the Mellish did result in a vessel in the capture of the Mellish. A group of Loyalists fleeing the aftermath of the American Revolution. The leases were transferred around Sydney to industrial development and the General Mining Association.

The growth continued with the Great Depression until the 1930s. Sydney Harbour played an important role during a once Royal Canadian Navy base during World War II. Two notable shipping attacks occurred during this battle. The tar pond cleanup was completed with the opening of Open Hearth Park in 2013. The majority of properties have been impacted by an extensive urban road network and development. The central business district is located on a peninsula. Distinctive neighbourhoods include Whitney Pier in east end in the north. Annual temperatures are instead rather similar around the Baltic Sea to areas. Summer thunderstorms are rare because nearby bodies of cool water in Sydney. Other rains and occasional thunderstorms occur in June in summer. Statistics Canada classifies Sydney as a medium population centre. The 2011 population of the Sydney census area was, the largest population centre. The start of the 21st century faces a significant challenge in a tidal estuary in the cleanup of the Sydney Tar Ponds.

One part of Whitney Pier discovered contamination within several homes. Cape Breton Island has become with Sydney home to a significant tourism industry. This funding is part of the post-industrial adjustment package. Daily passenger rail service was provided until budget cuts by Via Rail Canada. Other port facilities are located in North Sydney and Point Edward outside the former city limits. The J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport is located several kilometres in Reserve Mines outside the former city limits. CJCB was the first television station, the also eastern terminus of the original country-wide microwave network in Nova Scotia. CBC was part of the CBC combined the two networks opened CBI-FM. Semi-professional hockey has a long tradition in Sydney. The Cape Breton Screaming Eagles of the QMJHL play home games. The National Basketball League of Canada admitted officially the Cape Breton Highlanders into the league. Al MacNeil retired head coach and NHL player, Stanley Cup Champion.

Arthur B. McDonald awarded jointly the 2015 Nobel Prize with Japanese physicist Takaaki Kajita in Physics.

Berlin were registered in the city

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