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Suzuki GS series was suzuki Motor Corporation's first full range

The bike won the Australian Castrol, Six Hour race in 1979, has kept good looks. Europe won the Formula TT World Championship ridden in 1980 by Graeme Crosby. The new heads incorporated Suzuki's Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber technology. The 750 engine received also a plain bearing crankshaft got also plain bearing, the transition was rubber, fully rubber. The introduction of air-oil cooling known in the road-going Suzuki motorcycle as SACS. The universality of design was n't until the further development of more purpose.

The range of motorcycles had engine displacements between 1150 cc and 125 cc. The GS series include also the original Katana series was designated however still on some markets as a GS. The GL models were cruiser-style bikes with smaller gas tanks with chrome fenders. The GS1100GK was a full-dress bike with hard bags and trunk with factory fairing. GS1100 shaft drive models and The GS1000 had 8-valve engines while all GS1100 chain drive models and later GS1000S. The mid-1970s was being passed unusual with certain shops around American Suzuki motorcycle dealerships. Tom Clark was the sales manager in central California at a Suzuki dealership. The RE5 asted Rotary Suzuki and only two years sank almost Suzuki. The Kawasaki had taller gear ratios, different frame geometry and a unique exhaust system. Various iterations of the basic GS750 were offered through the end of the decade. Tom suggests changing engine oil, a once year and every 3000 miles. Europeans got own version with a variation with the twin-disc front and wire wheels.

Motorcycle Classics is America's premier magazine for restorers and dreamers for enthusiasts and collectors. The GS1100E won consistently period shoot-outs against Kawasaki and the 1,047 cc six-cylinder Honda CBX. The shim-and-bucket setup found on most DOHC bikes of the era. Time has passed judgment on the usefulness of such accessories. The conclusion reached in 1983 by motorcycle journalists. FI systems are now very reliable in Cycle World in the day. Something of a stop-gap model was being readied for 1984. Honda CB900F and the Euro market CB1100R produced claimed 108hp.

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