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Surigao Strait is a strait

The ferries stop at Surigao City and Southern Leyte at Liloan. The City of Surigao is the capital and a 2nd class city. Surigao City is a mosaic of islands is perched at a southern island at the northeastern tip of Mindanao. Surigao became officially the permanent residence of the Recollects on 1752 02 1, is named after the old province of the same name, came probably from the Spanish Surgir, are showcased in a local festival. This date be considered as Surigao's foundation day, was this body of water that the fleet of Ferdinand Magellan through Surigao Strait.

The division of Surigao became a chartered city on 1970 08 31. A collection of ancient archaeological diggings unearthed in Placer in Panhutungan. The mainland clustered islands of Surigao City has an average elevation level of 19 meters. The border of Tagana-an is the Mapawa peak above sea level with an elevation of 245 meters. The islands is the island of Nonoc above sea level with an elevation of 263 meters. The highest point is with a peak of 0.05 meters in Mt. Telegrapo. The Author is pursuing masters degree in history, is writing currently an historical fiction about the Einsatzgruppen.

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