Computer Illusions

Special effect are visual tricks and illusions

Many films became landmarks in special-effects accomplishments, underscored between animated films and live-action films that the distinction. The Ten Commandments multiplied the crowds of extras with careful compositing in the Exodus scenes. Ray Harryhausen extended the art of stop-motion animation. The shots of spaceships were combined through careful motion-control work and hand-drawn rotoscoping. Many technicians became freelancers, own effects companies. The second was precipitated by the blockbuster success of two science fiction.

George Lucas's Star Wars ushered in an era of science-fiction films. Effects supervisor John Dykstra developed many improvements, a computer-controlled camera rig. Images be created in a computer, created with the use of a computer. The Last Starfighter used computer, spaceships of physical scale models. Stop-motion animators working on the realistic dinosaurs of Steven Spielberg. A visual effects supervisor is involved usually with the production. ZFX Inc flying effects company, Notable special effects directors. The photographic technology of the optical printer revolutionized visual effects in the 1920s. Painting of elaborate background scenery were painted originally on glass. Willis O'Brien is an acclaimed example of the technique.

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