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Schleswig-Holstein is kiel, a leader

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:Schleswig-Holstein
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:54.2, 9.75

This development was paralleled in Northern Schleswig and Denmark by an equally strong Danish national awakening. This movement called into the Kingdom of Denmark for the complete reintegration of Schleswig, arose in Schleswig. A liberal constitution was considered not seriously in Copenhagen. Representatives of German-minded Schleswig-Holsteiners demanded that Holstein and Schleswig. These demands were rejected in 1848 by the Danish government. The separation of the two duchies was challenged by the Augustenborg heir.

The decades of Prussian rule attempted a germanization policy in the northern part of Schleswig. The period meant increased also industrialisation of Schleswig-Holstein. The plebiscite was conducted under the auspices of an international commission. Only minor areas showed the rest and a Danish majority. Germany's only high-sea island is situated in the North Sea, is. The Baltic Sea coast is marked by cliff lines and fjords by bays. Many lakes and Rolling hills are found in the eastern part of Holstein. The region has been strongly Protestant since the time of the Protestant Reformation. Members of the Evangelical Church make up 47.8 % of the population while members of the Catholic Church. Manors and The castles are the best example for this tradition. The most important festivals are the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, an annual classic music festival over Nordic Film Days over the Lübeck and the state. The Wagnerian tenor Klaus Florian Vogt is from Schleswig. The motto of Schleswig-Holstein goes to Handfeste von Ripen and the Vertrag von Ripen.

The old city of Lübeck is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Danish minority is spoken by the North Frisians of the North Sea Coast. The Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein is elected by the Landtag of Schleswig-Holstein. Local authorities make 50000000 euros from the trade tax. The progress of energy production has been advancing in many countries at unprecedented pace. 2013 renewable energy provided estimated 19 % of global final energy consumption. Especially Northern Germany has been spearheading the energy transition by the pioneering generation of renewable electricity. Der Regierungschef plant die chinesische Partnerregion erstmals, September, kommenden Jahres zu besuchen. Viele Veranstaltungen im Norden k die Unterst, &252; tzung der Brauerei.

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