Consulates Blue background Island of Tenerife Main city Warmest month 90s Sword

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has a tropical semi-arid climate

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Canary Islands
Feature Name:City
Location:28.46824, -16.25462

Santa Cruz has regenerated many areas of the city, infrastructure has been characterized not by an intense night life, have drafted the three provincial newspapers as regional La Gaceta as editors of newspapers. The urban zone of Santa Cruz extends beyond the city, is the second largest city on the island of Tenerife in the main city and the Canary Islands. Europe is the communications hub between Americas and Africa between Europe. The city is the focus, the headquarters of the TV Canaria has also.

The main landmarks of the city include the Auditorio de the Iglesia de la Concepción and the Santa Cruz Towers de Tenerife. This former fishermen's village rose after a Volcano to prominence. The majority of the population professes the Catholic religion. The centre of the Tenerife Metropolitan Area is the hub for the island's motorway network. Long Autopista TF-1 links the south of the island, Playa. Tenerife North Airport is adjacent on the western outskirts of the city to Autopista TF-5. The mostly tourist Tenerife South Airport ranks 7th in Spain. The area of Cabo-Llanos is the location for the new expansion of the city. The building sector is important from food processing and the oil refinery while industry. The Tenerife Auditorium stands northeast of the Marine Park simulating has become a symbol of the city, archipelago and island. The auditorium has a chamber symphony and two rooms, a big room for a room for concerts, is the seat of Orquesta Sinfónica, an emblem of the city, de Tenerife.

Great 19th century building is the oldest theater in the Canary Islands. Circulo de Bellas Artes has a cafeteria on the first floor. The Parque Garcia Sanabria and the Ramblas contains works as Henry Moore by artists. This street hosts also the headquarters of several murgas, music groups. The building is in the Port of Santa Cruz, houses the contemporary museum Óscar Domínguez Institute, the Center and the Alejandro Cioranescu Island Library for Photography Island of Tenerife. The square is located the heart of the city, work and the great artificial lake source in just meters of the Auditorio in the center of town. Parque García Sanabria is a large garden area, the largest urban park in the Canary Islands, has an area. Masonic Temple of Santa Cruz is considered the finest example of Masonic Temple in Spain. Admiral Robert Blake destroyed totally a Spanish silver fleet of 16 ships for the loss of none. 1797 Admiral Horatio Nelson met with bloody defeat, was on Santiago's day at this battle.

A blue background have a green cross, the symbol of the Foundation Cross. This sword are three lion heads has castles, an island and anchors. The flag of Santa Cruz is in the center with the municipal shield. The Port of Santa Cruz is managed de Tenerife by the Port Authority of Santa Cruz, is the first fishing port with approximately 7500 tons of fish in the Canary Islands. The Not only wide range of shops are indeed much lower than in most cities of Western Europe. CF Tenerife has finished in La Liga in fifth position, is the only Canary team. Two other teams are the women's CV Aguere, the men and 2009 Super League champions. Aunque Santa Cruz cuenta con buenos edificios históricos. Se utilizará también para actos culturales y congresos. El autor del diseño es Santiago Calatrava, que ideó un complejo.

Canary Islands known also as The Canaries

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