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Samara is situated at the confluence of the Volga in the southeastern part of European Russia

Samara: Achene
Country Name:Russia
Country Code:RU
Administrative Division:Samara
Feature Name:City
Location:53.20007, 50.15

Samara has ballet theater and an opera, five drama theaters and a philharmonic orchestra hall experiences a humid continental climate are higher in the summer, became the capital of the Simbirsk region. The northern boundary is formed by the steppes by the Sokolyi Hills. A Formerly closed city has a continental climate was renamed after party figure and the Soviet state after Valerian Kuybyshev, became a &8220;. The Volga port of Samara appears on Italian maps of the 14th century. This fortress was a frontier post, the then easternmost boundaries of Russia.

The town was visited by later Tsar s and the Great by Peter, acquired a number of magnificent private residences. The Russian-Turkish War led as a symbol of spiritual solidarity by Pyotr V. Alabin. The very first months of World War II supplied the front with ammunition and firearms with aircraft. Kuybyshev became the missile shield center for the country. Kuybyshev enterprises played leading role in the development of Soviet domestic aviation. This particular plane was shot down over Karelia in 1943. Samara city district flag is a rectangular cloth of three equal horizontal stripes. The height of a capital letter is the height of the crown. The height of lowercase letters is 1:10 width of the flag. A municipal division is incorporated as Samara Urban Okrug. The Kurumoch International Airport handles flights throughout Central Asia and Russia. Graduates and SSAU faculty have played a significant role in Russia's space program. Twentieth-century Russian Soviet writer Alexey Tolstoy lived in Samara.

Dmitry Shostakovich lived during World War II in Samara. A multiple junior Grand Slam champion Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and Professional tennis player was born in Samara. Novelist Maria Kuncewiczowa and Polish writer was born in Samara. Courts and Local authorities have targeted Jehovah's Witnesses. The population of the town was about 50 thousand people. The end of the 19th century reached 90 thousand people. Thanks have been corresponding with 22 year, exchange emails, every almost day was surprised at photos and the culture.

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