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Saarbrücken is largest city and the capital, a deed of donation

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:Saarland
Feature Name:City
Location:49.23262, 7.00982

Historic landmarks include the stone bridge across the Gothic church of St. Arnual across the Saar. The 20th century Saarbrücken was separated from Germany. The name Saar stems from the Roman name and the Celtic word sara. The most popular theory states derived from the Celtic word. The castle of Sarabrucca was located by the name of Saarbrocken on a large rock. A minority opinion holds that Sarabrucca that the historical name of the town. The historical name of the town derived from the Germanic word bruco.

The last centuries BC settled in the Saarbrücken area. The 3rd century AD was built in Halberg hill in a cave. The end of the 4th century destroyed vicus Saravus and the castra. The Saar area came towards the end of the 5th century under the control of the Franks. The Bishops gave as a fief the area to the Count s of Saargau. Emperor Charles V prompted the construction of the Alte Brücke. The beginning of the 17th century ordered the construction of a new Renaissance-style castle on the site of the old castle. The area was incorporated for the first time into France, rejoined the Federal Republic of Germany. The office of mayor Saarbrücken administrated St Johann and the urban municipalities Saarbrücken. The start of the Franco-Prussian War was the first target of the French invasion force. Oral tradition has that 14-year-old French Prince Napoléon Eugène Louis Bonaparte. 4 August driven away in the Battle of Spicheren towards Metz. The Royal Naval Air Service raided Saarbrücken on 1917 10 17 with 11 DH4s.

The Royal Flying Corps raided Saarbrücken's railway station with 5 DH9s. The Treaty of Versailles were made the exclusive property of France as compensation for a period of 15 years. The Royal Air Force raided Saarbrücken at 10 least times, bombed mistakenly Saarlouis of Saarbrücken. The first major raid was done by 291 aircraft of the Royal Air Force. The request of the American Third Army raided massively Saarbrücken. 20 Mosquitos and The 531 Lancasters achieved these goals, 3 Lancasters, large parts of Malstatt. The 8th US Air Force raided Saarbrücken at 16 least times. William E. Metzger and Donald J. Gott were awarded posthumously the Medal of Honor. Infanterie-Division commanded in 1945 by Wolf-Günther Trierenberg. This Spichern-Stellung had been constructed after the French in 1940. The 276th Infantry Regiment attacked Forbach entered Saarbrücken. The German defenders of Stiring-Wendel fell to Saarbrücken. France created the nominally politically independent Saar Protectorate.

A referendum came out with over two thirds of the voters. Several institutes focusing between companies and academia on transfer of technology. The Saarland University has also a Centre Juridique Franco-Allemand. The end of coal mining was closed at the beginning of the 21st century. The Saarland's Fachhochschule working for the Fachhochschule für Verwaltung des Saarlandes for the government. Several Kindergartens offering bi-lingual French-German education, Saarbrücken. Lower league SV Saar is the other football team in the city. Hannelore Baron emigrated in 1941 to the United States. Official website Official website Saarbrücken-Ensheim Airport Saarbrücken-Ensheim Airport Saarbruken is. The cooperation agreement was signed on 1988 07 12 in 1975. A twining agreement was signed in Warsaw in 1979, aims at cooperation and future friendship, envisages educational visits, exchange of pupils. Interesting projects are taking place as education in various fields. Bristol is the eighth largest town in largest town in the eleventh and England.

Der Name unseres Flusses, von, bdquo and dem keltischen Wort, setzt sich sehr offensichtlich aus, bdquo and dem Genitiv von. Rainer Hudemann unter Mitarbeit von Marcus Hahn, Gerhild Krebs, szlig and Johannes Gro. Publiziert als CD-ROM sowie im Internet,

1677The Franco-Dutch War burned down Saarbrücken in 1677.
1909Saarbrücken was created by the merger of three towns in 1909.
1940This Spichern-Stellung had been constructed after the French in 1940.
1941Hannelore Baron emigrated in 1941 to the United States.
1945Infanterie-Division commanded in 1945 by Wolf-Günther Trierenberg.
1975The cooperation agreement was signed on 1988 07 12 in 1975.
1979A twining agreement was signed in Warsaw in 1979.
1998Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1998.

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