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Ruhr are dortmund, Duisburg and Essen

Ruhr: Geographical Area, River

The centre of the Ruhr runs a segment of the loess belt. The coal seams reach the surface along dip and the River Ruhr in a strip. This geological feature played a decisive role in the Ruhr in the development of coal mining. Addition have outlying districts with a rural character. The Thus Ruhr is described as a polycentric urban area, was at the center of the German economic miracle, has an oceanic climate, with dozens of Autobahns. The population density of the central Ruhr is per square kilometre about 2100 inhabitants.

The constituent are some open land and relatively open suburbs with agricultural fields. Some places are unrecognizable due to continuous development. Replanting of brownfield land has created recreation areas and new parks. The Emscher Landschaftspark lies along an formerly virtually open sewer along the River Emscher. The use of the term started after World War I in Britain. World War II have been not for the region in general use. The free imperial city of Dortmund was cultural centre and the trading. The development of the region started with the early industrialisation in the late 18th century. History has no established name for this phase of the industrial revolution. The end of the Prussian Kingdom lived in the new coal-mining district and the Ruhrgebiet. The 1923 01 whole Ruhrgebiet was occupied after Germany as a reprisal, had around 3800000 inhabitants. Transport and Production came to the financial consequences and a standstill. France's eastern allies Describes the contest over the centuries for Saar and the Ruhr.

Belgium repudiated the 1921 alliance with France, signed a non-aggression pact with Germany. A second battle of the Ruhr began on Dortmund with an attack. 4800 tonnage of bombs was dropped through the south and the city centre. The war abolished civilian industries and all German munitions factories. The French Monnet Plan pushed for an internationalization of the area. The Cold War anticipated into Western Europe that any Red Army thrust. The Likewise Ruhr steel industry went into sharp decline. The welfare system provided a safety net for the large number of unemployed workers. Essen was the official candidate as European Capital of Culture for nomination. The local dialect of German is called commonly Ruhrpottdeutsch and Ruhrdeutsch is rather class sociolect. A major common influence stems from the coal mining tradition of the area. Immigrants came from over 140 different nations to the Ruhr. The city of Essen was selected for 2010 as European Capital of Culture. The Industrial Heritage Trail links tourist attractions related in the Ruhr area to the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

All public transport companies are run under the umbrella of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr. The A1 are used mostly while other autobahns by through traffic. The first Autobahns opened during the mid-1930s, have six lanes. Düsseldorf Airport is the intercontinental airport for North Rhine-Westphalia, is served by Düsseldorf Flughafen Terminal railway station s and the Düsseldorf Flughafen. 2 Als freie Reichs dies begann, im hohen und späten Mittelalter. Je teurer die Holzkohle wurde, umso besser wurden, Chancen für, Steinkohle. Damals waren die belgischen Reviere um Lüttich weit besser entwickelt, und die große Stadt Köln dürfte von. Über die Verschiffung von Kohlen, aus Ruhrort erstmals, 1471 berichtet. Nun wehte ein anderer Wind die Staaten waren sich in diesem Zeitalter des „ Merkantilismus. Wer waren diese Menschen die nun erstmals, Folgen von Arbeitslosigkeit und sinkenden Löhnen zu bewältigen. Aber sie nagten bereits an den Fesseln ihrer mittelalterlichen Stadtmauern.

Zunächst zwei großen Schüben sind sie massenhaft dorthin gewandert. Zuerst kamen Tagelöhner vom Lande die kein Auskommen in aber auch Bergleute über weitere Entfernungen in ihrer Heimat fanden. Dann seit den 1880er Jahren, setzte, Zuwanderung aus, dem preußischen Osten ein. Auch den Gewerkschaften gelang es nicht, polnischen Arbeiter einzugliedern. The last issue published most recently issue of a journal. This paper investigates recent restructuring strategies of medium-sized firms in the Ruhr area.

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