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Rudolf Kassner was nominated for literature for the Nobel prize

Kassner translated Sterne's Tristram Shandy, works began in 1902, visited the poet in Rodaun, traveled through Spain, died in 1906 in Vienna. Kassner rejected rigid philosophical systems, looser literary forms deal with concepts and themes, is a not system, a seeing-together of the soul, a pronounced opponent of psychoanalysis, a world, a paradox from physical features about naïve inference of individual characteristics, saw in a cultural crisis in modernity, uses the word Gesicht, many ideas as form.

Kassner is based on Goethe's anti- Kant ian statement, developed a style avoids all reification holds that the image, alludes to current events. Kassner build not a system says the counterpart of the Indian Rishi in the West that ancient man, said that the hold of the myth, sees in the pilgrim in the Just man, regretted early admiration of Friedrich Nietzsche. Kassner received in 1949, introduced the work of William Blake to Germany, discovered the Christian poet in Baudelaire, is considered. Russia lived in Munich and London in Paris, found favor among artists and fin-de-siècle poets, was a member of the so-called Bohemian circle. A time has received a great deal of scholarly attention. The outbreak of World War I moved to Vienna, married in 1914. The war years Kassner studied passionately Physics and Mathematics met Einstein in Vienna. The English writer Laurence Sterne influenced Kassnerr. Chamberlain's House met often Count Ulrich von Brockdorff-Rantzau, the Indologist Leopold von Schröder and Count Hermann von Keyserling.

Calcutta Kassner reached Madras visited also Ellora and Hyderabad, home. Phenomena considered call purely externally for a rational explanation. The phenomena are the not external covering of content. Content yield and Form held together whereas critical reason by imagination. These myth is a world, the also world of identity without division. The complete dissolution takes place in the age of baroque. Other words leads to the profound onset of imagination. Umkehr and Steigerung are the twin features of this transcendence in immanence. The same volume W. H. Auden writes on Kassner's book Zahl. No perhaps one saw else discontents and the internal contradictions. A Still generation published on Kassner Prof. Subramanian.

YearRudolf Kassner
1873Kassner is described variously.
1895Kassner spent the two last semesters in 1895.
1902Kassner began in 1902.
1904Hofmannsthal wrote in 1904 about Kassner.
1906Kassner died in 1906 in Vienna.
1914The outbreak of World War I married in 1914.
1949Kassner received in 1949.

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