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Rouen is a city

Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Normandy
Feature Name:City
Location:49.44313, 1.09932

The Jardin des Plantes is a notable botanical garden was the site of Élisa Garnerin. The form of the building represents a fish shape and an upturned viking boat. 1999 Rouen authorities demolished other remnants and the grandstands. The Seine is a major axis in the Port of Rouen for maritime cargo links. The main schools of higher education are the University of Rouen. The company performs in 7 rue du Docteur Rambert in the Théâtre des Arts. Rouen Cathedral is by the Impressionist painter Claude Monet.

Two paintings are in Washington in the National Gallery of Art. The second half of the 20th century were erected in the city. The Rouen-Les-Essarts Grand Prix circuit is featured in RFactor and Project CARS in Grand Prix Legends. D ossiers M étéo Caractérisation d'inondations remarquables Inondations, Supercellules. The mere mention of Normandy triggers plenty of emotion is a significant region in the world. Half-timbered towns fortified farmsteads, thatched roofs and sweeping coastlines, the rolling green hills of Normandy. Normandy's name is derived from the settlement of the territory, was a visit to. A half and a century following the Norman conquest of England in 1066. The city has had a turbulent history was devastated by fire. The young French heroine Joan of Arc was tried for heresy. Awe admiring the slender spires, rocky slopes and stout fortifications. The world's most celebrated embroidery depicts the conquest of England by the Conqueror by William. The successful taking of the bridges played an important role.

Utah Beach is the famed Normandy town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise. The U.S. First Army established the cemetery, the first American cemetery in World War II on European soil. Free use was granted in perpetuity by the government of France. A large number of high quality art objects reflect the various art forms. Major town planning projects carried out in the 19th century in Rouen. Sister Cities International enables citizen diplomats in communities.

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