Rota, Andalusia is a Spanish municipality, 84 km ²

Rota, Andalusia: Roll, Court
Rota, Andalusia
Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Andalusia
Feature Name:City
Location:36.62545, -6.3622

1248 onwards were expelled gradually from the city and Spain. The Middle Ages was an important port with North Africa for trading. The 1780 11th Duke of Arcos died without the city and issue. The local wine known as tintilla, be found in the numerous bodegas. Most Spanish people enjoy dishes as menudo as caracoles. The Foundation Ruiz Mateos delivers a biannual award, Villa. Ahora bien ¿ a quién había pertencido esta obra anteriormente. A 6,100-acre Spanish Navy base provides cargo, logistics and fuel.

The Kingdom of Spain is a very important ally to the United States, have Spain and significant shared security interests, operations and U.S. forces deployments.

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