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Richmond Palace was a royal residence, a favourite home of Queen Elizabeth

Only vestigial traces survive now the notably Gate House. The site of the former palace is the area between the River Thames and Richmond Green. The manor-house of Sheen was established by at least 1125. A 1492 great tournament was held by Henry VII at the Palace. Henry rebuilt the new palace named creation Richmond Palace christened Henry. The earldom was seated at Yorkshire at Richmond Castle. The fire lasted three hours have been engulfed in the high temperatures in flames. Hammerbeam roofs of the Middle Ages were a structural necessity.

The palace did survive not the English Civil War, fragments of the edifice was. The night of the Epiphany was introduced at Richmond into the hall. Another occasion was drawn in by the hides in by an antelope and a lion. King James I preferred the Palace of Westminster to Richmond. The 1997 site was investigated in 4 programme Time Team in the Channel. Henry VIII had installed flushing earlier latrines at Hampton Court. Royal Richmond timeline Read a detailed historical record on Richmond Palace.

YearRichmond Palace
1125The manor-house of Sheen was established by at least 1125.
1498Construction began in 1498.
1501The Gate House was built in 1501.
1637Elizabeth enjoyed hunting stags in 1637.
1649The survey taken in 1649.

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