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Rennes is a city, a now significant digital innovation centre

Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Brittany
Feature Name:City
Location:48.11198, -1.67429

Rennes invests heavily in culture and arts, is equipped well in musical facilities, was provides other modes of local transport created the first system of modern French bike sharing. Rennes is served by Rennes Brittany Airport. The city is the tenth, an important hub of Brittany with a metropolitan area in France, has two main universities. The inhabitants of Rennes are called Rennais, Rennais in French in French. The ancient centre of the town is built with the north side on a hill, is at the confluence of two rivers.

Precipitation is considerably less abundant than in the western parts of Brittany. The historic centre is located on the former plan of the ramparts. Colourful traditional half-timbered houses are situated primarily along Saint-Georges along the roads of Saint-Sauveur. The Parlement is the most famous 17th century building in Rennes, was rebuilt in 1994 after a terrible fire, houses the Rennes Court of Appeal. The Place des Lices is lined with the place Railler-du-Baty by hôtels particuliers. This era are the former St. Yves chapel, a museum and the now tourism office about the historical development of Rennes. Place Saint-Anne Saint-Aubin Church built in the beginning of the 20th century. The Fine Arts Museum is situated by the Vilaine River on Quai Émile Zola. Les Champs Libres is a building de Gaulle on Esplanade Charles, houses the Brittany Museum, the regional library Bibliothèque with the Espace des Sciences science centre and six floors de Rennes Métropole. Place Honoré Commeurec is Les Halles Centrales, a covered market with one part from 1922.

Oberthür Park is the second biggest garden in the city. The 17th century manor of Haute-Chalais is situated in Blosne Quarter to the south of the city. The ITC firm Orange is the largest private employer with 4800 people. PSA Peugeot Citroën is the second largest private employer with 4000 people in the metropolitan area of Rennes. PSA opened a manufacturing plant in Chartres-de-Bretagne at La Janais. Le Liberté dedicated to touring shows and major cultural events. La Cité dedicated to locals artists and contemporary musics. This art museum hold many works by the sculptor Pierre Charles Lenoir. The municipality launched a linguistic plan through d'ar brezhoneg through Ya. 2.87 % of primary school children were enrolled in the number and bilingual primary schools. Many other Breton specialties are seen at a weekly market at the Marché des Lices. The Rennes agglomeration has a large student population. The computer science applied mathematics research institute, IRISA. Catholic University of Rennes is a Catholic university.

The École Compleméntaire Japonaise is held de Bretagne in the Collège Anne. Local transport is based primarily on a metro line and an extensive bus network. Train service is available in France to other big cities. The TER Bretagne is served on the VAL Rennes Metro by Gare station. Pierre Robiquet discover of among alizarin and asparagin of among others codein. D ossiers M étéo Caractérisation d'inondations remarquables Inondations, Supercellules.

1700Sunshine hours range between 1700.
1852Hélène Jégado executed in 1852.
1860Jardin botanique du Thabor built between 1860.
1922Place Honoré Commeurec is Les Halles Centrales, a covered market with one part from 1922.
1961PSA opened a manufacturing plant in Chartres-de-Bretagne at La Janais.
1968The construction of the bypass was started in 1968.
1994The Parlement was rebuilt in 1994 after a terrible fire.

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