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Regensburg is a city

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:Bavaria
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:49.01681, 12.09536

Regensburg are located the so-called Stolpersteine during Nazism in the Old Town, had 140276 inhabitants is subdivided into 18 boroughs, was ranked in Germany as a Top-30 travel attraction. 140000 inhabitants is the fourth-largest city after Munich in the State of Bavaria. The city adopted the Protestant Reformation in 1542, lost status as a free city, was eventually overrun after ammunition and supplies, suffered severe damage with about 150 houses during the fight. The city recorded 531943 hotel guests and 912238 overnight hotel stays in 2012, lies also on the A3 on two motorways.

The medieval centre of the city is a testimony and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Celtic name Radasbona was given oldest near the present city to a settlement. A new Roman fort Castra Regina was built during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius for Legio III Italica, was an important camp on the most northerly point of the Danube. These events had a wide impact on the cultural history of the Czech lands. This bridge opened major international trade routes between Venice and northern Europe. The three Imperial Abbey s in Niedermünster in Regensburg. A minority of the population remained Roman Catholics and Roman Catholic, civil rights. The Imperial city had adopted the Reformation, the town. The archbishopric of Mainz was transferred formally to Regensburg. Regensburg University was founded Regensburg University of Applied Sciences. Several well-known hightech companies are located as OSRAM and Infineon in Regensburg, have built plants. The World Heritage Committee listed Regensburg's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 07, is the largest medieval old town north of the Alps.

The south is dominated by a continuation of Alpine foothills by the tertiary hill country. A total of 1670 sunshine hours is roughly 120 hours, above German average. The official choir are the famous Regensburger Domspatzen. The Regensburg Sausage Kitchen is a major tourist destination was built originally as the construction headquarters of the stone bridge. The Church of St. James called also Schottenkirche, a Romanesque basilica of the 12th century, name. The old parish church of St. Ulrich is, a valuable antiquarian collection houses the diocesan museum for religious art. Examples of the Romanesque basilica style are the church of Obermünster. The 1809 conventual buildings were converted for the prince of Thurn into a palace. The Old Town Hall dating from the 14th century in part. A historical interest is attached also to the Gasthof zum Goldenen Kreuz. The Perhaps most pleasant modern building is on the bank of the Danube. Herzogspark contains also several small botanical gardens.

The most prominent museums are for the Regensburg Museum of History for instance. The Kepler Memorial House illustrates the life of the famous astronomer. The Municipal Art Gallery Leerer Beutel offers art collections, cultural festivals and film events. Modern music styles are presented every summer during the Bavarian Jazz weekend. The international short film season is hosted annually in Regensburg, is a non-profit event, place, every March. The Old Town of Regensburg is surrounded completely by a green belt. Every second weekend come together at a medieval market at the Regensburg Spectaculum. The hundred last years has experienced a strong increase in population. Today is a triumph of modern industrial architecture in Germany. Nearly 12 % of the total population are foreign residents. The City Council and The Lord Mayor are elected for a period of six years. Both elections take place at the same time, delivered the following results. BMW operates an automobile production plant in Regensburg.

The industrial sector contributes since 2006 a lot to Regensburg's economical growth. Another focus is with the city on information technology. OTTI is headquartered in Regensburg, stand für das Ostbayerische Technologie-Transfer-Institut, dessen Schwerpunkt im Wissenstransfer zur Wirtschaftsförderung. Tourism figures have doubled nearly within Regensburg and the 15 last years. The local transport is provided by a bus network, runs the local hydropower station in the Danube River. 9,1 % of the total electricity consumption was generated about 5,1 % of the total heat consumption by renewable energy sources. 194 hospital beds owns the fourth highest density of beds in Germany per residents. The prominent thinkers associated with the institution. The campus is situated with the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences in one area. SSV Jahn Regensburg is the local football club, a fairly large local following. The team was part of a larger sports club is known also as Buchbinder Legionäre. Regensburg Legionäre is softball club and the baseball from Regensburg. The local athletics club offers a wide range of different competitions. City website covering mainly the medieval Stone Bridge, areas. The heart of Europe has plenty of fantastic tourist attractions. The German National Tourist Board is interested international visitors, German favorites. The most popular excursion is to the Flower Island of Mainau. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a small town with a big reputation. Time has been held every year on the Theresienwiese grounds in September. Important intellectuals has been always popular with important intellectuals. The imperial cathedral known officially as the Cathedral of St. Mary. A German bar got name from the Teutonic Order of Knights. The 37m-high monument attracts now more than every year than 2000000 visitors. The square is dominated by the neo-Gothic New Town Hall. The Harz National Park is located within Germany's most northerly mountain range. The famous quadriga depicting the goddess of victory, Victoria, a four-horse chariot.

The Gothic Minster has been a dominant feature for centuries in the centre of Ulm. This stunning piece of architecture is complemented inside the church by a number of exquisite art treasures. This delightful attraction holds a spellbinding appeal during the summer. Visitors enjoy surfing even on the Eisbach rapids, is in Germany. Covering is designed in the style of an English landscape garden. Alteration and damage has been granted now UNESCO World Heritage status. A UNESCO World Heritage site is a hugely popular attraction with international tourists and locals. Collections take visitors through culture and art on a fascinating journey. This compact area are a variety of architectural gems from the past. This distinguished venue offer with a sophisticated flair as lighter entertainment. The project blend the new cultural identity with the harbour's former role, was completed in 2009 06. Idyllic Rüdesheim am Rhein has established the town's reputation as a producer of acclaimed riesling. The diversity of the Wadden Sea landscape makes a unique habitat for countless species of plants. This UNESCO World Natural Heritage site covers an area of around 11000 square kilometres. Garlands illuminated fairy lights and trees, the romantic market square and the Christmas market. Musical accompaniment is provided in alpenhorn trios and historical costume by trumpeters. This rich cultural heritage incorporates a well-established winegrowing tradition. The waterfalls be visited all year round, an impressive sight. Energy was supplied by the world's foremost pre-industrial water management system by the Upper Harz water management system. Centuries was in Germany at the centre of intellectual life. A truly unmissable Bavarian experience awaits at Am Platzl at the famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall. Locals be seen dressed in drinking Munich beer in traditional costume. The ceiling of the 14-metre-high hall is clad with gold foil, was destroyed completely in 1944. The Pilgrimage Church of the Scourged Saviour is considered a perfect example of Bavarian rococo architecture. The Fuggerei was founded in 1516 by the wealthy merchant Jakob Fugger. The maritime town of Bremerhaven is opening a new chapter. Bremerhaven's new town centre features a host of outstanding attractions, reg and the Klimahaus. Previously unspoilt countryside had done with Versailles. The palace served for Grand Dukes and the Margraves as a residence. An enchanting landscape characterised by huge expanses and mysterious marshes by ancient beech forests. Stuttgart's market halls are regarded as a triumph of the art nouveau period. All diejenigen die einen technischen oder handwerklichen Beruf erlernt, ihre berufliche Zukunft auf Führungs. Persönlich und beruflich kann man die individuelle Weiterentwicklung vorantreiben. Ohne passende Bildungsmaßnahmen entsprechender Anbieter geht es aber. Wenn es um das Thema Bildung geht, denken die meisten Menschen, an die Schule, jedoch nur einen Teil des gesamten Spektrums ausmacht. Dadurch hat man gewissermaßen die Qual der Wahl, tut gut daran, sich vorab ein genaues Bild von den. Auf den ersten Blick empfindet man die riesige Auswahl, an Bildungsangeboten als. Wer die Qual der Wahl hat, kann sich möglicherweise gar nicht entscheiden. Online-Seminare und Webinare sind nicht nur ein kurzzeitiger Trend. Vielen Fällen handelt es sich dabei um virtuelle Live-Lehrveranstaltungen. Es die nicht nur örtlich, sondern auch zeitlich unabhängig daherkommen. Dass aktuell sogenannte MOOCs einen regelrechten Boom erleben, zeigt, facettenreichen Möglichkeiten einer Weiterbildung, Online-Seminare und Webinare. Insbesondere Innovationen bedürfen eines raschen Wissenstransfers, so dass zeitnahe Qualifizierungen hier besonders wichtig sind. Unabhängig davon um die persönliche oder berufliche Entwicklung geht, findet man, Wissenswertes und erhält, so eine solide Grundlage für, weitere Recherche.

1143Lübeck was founded in 1143.
1275The Dom was founded in 1275.
1516The Fuggerei was founded in 1516 by the wealthy merchant Jakob Fugger.
1542The city adopted the Protestant Reformation in 1542.
1610The Adler-Apotheke was founded in 1610.
1907The football department was created in 1907.
1944The ceiling of the 14-metre-high hall was destroyed completely in 1944.
1961The Berlin Wall was built in 1961.
2006The industrial sector contributes since 2006 a lot to Regensburg's economical growth.
2012The city recorded 531943 hotel guests and 912238 overnight hotel stays in 2012.

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