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Prince Moulay Hicham of Morocco has published also numerous essays

The Univ Muhammad V and Royal Coll has issue, two daughters, the eldest daughter. The name of Hicham ben Abdallah El Alaoui publishes articles. Niki Akhavan is Assistant Professor of Media Studies at The Catholic University of America, focuses between new media technologies on the relationship, completed recently the manuscript. Roger Allen is Professor Emeritus of Arabic Language was. Professor Allen obtained doctoral degree from Oxford University in modern Arabic literature. The 2010 Casablanca Book Fair awarded a Medal of Honor.

Paul Amar holds affiliate appointments in Sociology in Feminist Studies. Prof. Amar's research focuses on security regimes on the areas of state institutions, shed light. Senem Aslan is an Assistant Professor at Bates College in the Department of Politics, did PhD in the Interdisciplinary Program, has published articles in Ethnic Politics and Nationalism in the International Journal of Middle East Studies. Asef Bayat is Bruce A. Bastian Professor Global and the Catherine C.. Non-movements and social movements include Making Islam Democratic. Kenneth M. Cuno received a Ph.D. at UCLA in history, is Family History in Egypt. Joyce Dalsheim is a cultural anthropologist, currently Assistant Professor of Global, Area Studies and International has carried out extensive research in Israel, carried recently out fieldwork in the Jewish settlements. Dalsheim is the author of Unsettling Gaza has published recently in Journal of Historical Sociology in Social Analysis, is working currently on Producing Spoilers on a new manuscript.

Engineering has published numerous articles on the role of politics. Abderrahim Foukara is Washington Bureau Chief of Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel. Dr. Foukara has been a frequent guest on television news shows and radio. Lillie Gordo n is visiting lecturer at the University of Illinois in ethnomusicology, is a Ph. D. candidate at Santa Barbara at the University of California, is completing currently dissertation has been performing Arab music on the violin. Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi is Associate Professor of History, the author has written widely on Muslim intellectuals and Islamic movements. Linda Herrera is a social anthropologist in North Africa and the Middle East with regional specialization, works in education in the fields of global studies, examines power and youth has undertaken critical ethnographic studies of Egyptian schools, biographical research of Muslim youth. Valerie Hoffman is Director of the Center, the author of Sufism, Saints and Mystics in The Essentials and Modern Egypt for Middle Eastern Studies and South Asian.

Joe F. Khalil is an Associate Professor at Northwestern University in Residence, is visiting fellow in Commitment Graduate Student Research Award at the London School of Economics. Khalil is leading expert on programming and Arab television production, is author of a monograph on co-author and Arab satellite entertainment television, is working currently on a book project. Anna-Maria Marshall has a J.D. is Head and currently Associate Professor. Gul Aldikacti Marshall is an Associate Professor at the University of Louisville in the Department of Sociology, are in politics in the areas of gender, has published numerous articles on rsquo and women. Haideh Moghissi is Professor of Sociology was, the principal investigator of a SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiative include seven monographs. Feisal G. Mohamed is a Professor in the Unit in English. Dr. Mohamed's latest book is Milton focuses on religious liberty. Hamid Naficy is Professor of Radio-Television-Film is leading authority in postcolonial cinemas and exile in cultural studies of diaspora.

Naficy has published extensively many international talks is the four-volume book, A Social History of Iranian Cinema. Dina A Ramadan is Assistant Professor of Arabic, a senior editor of Arab Studies Journal in the Division of Languages, is founding secretary and member. Zakia Salime is Associate Professor of Sociology received Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in Sociology. Salime has published articles on development on gender. Anthony Shenoda is a sociocultural anthropologist on the anthropology of religion with a focus, include The Anthropology of Christianity. Shenoda has published articles in Coptic Christians and Egypt on the politics of faith, is working currently on a book, is Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Rebecca L. Stein is Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, the author of Itineraries in Conflict, is researching currently linkages in Israel between politics and new media. Ted Swedenburg is Professor of Anthropology, at the University of Arkansas, serves on the Editorial Committee of Middle East Report. Abbas Vali is Professor of Social taught previously modern Middle Eastern politics and political theory in the Department of Politics, include Pre-Capitalist Iran. Jeremy F. Walton is the Levant Postdoctoral Fellow at rsquo and Georgetown University. Dr. Watkins joined served for Research Affairs and Academic as Associate Dean, focuses on disabilities and communication development, have been funded by the National Institutes of Health. Associate Provost provided on a range of issues guidance to the campus. Watkins serves from Lumina Foundation as the Principal Investigator of a grant. Angela Williams completed BA and MA from the University of Illinois in Linguistics, has focused in the Arab world on culture and hip hop music, has taught Arabic in Champaign at Parkland College, is working currently in Educational Policy toward a doctorate. Bassam Yousif is Associate Professor of Economics at Indiana State University, has led to policy consulting.

The Harvard Arab Weekend was commended by the White House. CHANGE starts with a definition of genuine regional priorities from a sense of individual effort. The Arab world has published numerous essays was published by Éditions Grasset in 2014. The past servedas principal officer with the United Nationspeacekeeping mission for community affairs. Hicham Alaoui is affiliated currently for International Peace with the Carnegie Endowment. This dynamic of salafization occurs even as the population.

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