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Potsdam is largest city and the capital, a university town

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:Brandenburg
Feature Name:City
Location:52.39886, 13.06566

Potsdam attracted people from Russia from France, includes also a memorial centre in Leistikowstraße in the former KGB prison. The Potsdam Conference was held at the palace Cecilienhof. Babelsberg was a major film production studio before the 1930s. The Filmstudio Babelsberg is the oldest large-scale film studio in the world. The area was formed from a series of large moraines, shows occupancy since the Bronze Age. Today is three-quarters, green space, the city's central administrative authority as urban area with a just quarter.

The districts is dominated by larger areas of newer buildings. The great migrations of the Germanic peoples was mentioned first in 993 AD in a document. A continuous Hohenzollern possession housed also Prussia n barracks. The Edict of Potsdam became a centre of European immigration attracted people from Russia from France. The edict accelerated economic recovery and population growth. The buildings of the royal residences were built mainly during the Great during the reign of Frederick. Other royal residences include the Orangery and the New Palace. The Regierungsbezirk encompassed the former districts of Uckermark, the Mark of Priegnitz was situated between the Province and Mecklenburg. The north west was bounded on the north by the Havel and the rivers Elbe. The south eastern boundary was to the neighbouring governorate of Frankfurt. Also 1875 Berlin was a town, the official capital of Prussia within the governorate, grew to cities. The Emperor Wilhelm II signed the Declaration of War in the Neues Palais.

The city lost status in 1918 as a second capital, possesses also a 27 km-long tramway network. The Cecilienhof Palace was the scene of the Potsdam Conference. The conference ended with the Potsdam Declaration and the Potsdam Agreement. The government of East Germany known formally as the German Democratic Republic. The Glienicke Bridge connected the city to West Berlin. The Third Reich was selected by the city council and the NSDAP. The Landtag Brandenburg is in Potsdam, is housed since 2014 in the Potsdam City Palace. The stations served are Griebnitzsee, the Central Station and Babelsberg. The University of Potsdam was founded in 1991, was the Akademie für Staats. The 1991 Fachhochschule was founded as the second college. Universities is in western Potsdam home to reputable secondary schools. Montessori Gesamtschule Potsdam. The most popular attraction is Sanssouci Park, west of the city centre. A century defeated Austria is served for numerous royal visitors as a guest house. The Roman Baths built in 1829 by Ludwig Persius and Karl Friedrich Schinkel, is a complex of buildings, a tea pavilion, a Roman bathhouse and a Renaissance-style villa.

The Chinese Tea House built in the fashion of the time in a Chinese style. The ornate Brandenburg Gate is situated on the Luisenplatz. The Old Market Square is Potsdam's historical city centre is dominated today by the dome of St. Nicholas, was the last work of Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Three centuries was the site of the City Palace, a royal palace. Frederick became the winter residence of the Prussian kings. The eastern side of the Market Square is dominated by the Old City Hall, has a characteristic circular tower. North of the Old Market Square is the oval French Church. The museum was funded by the German billionaire Hasso Plattner. The former Baroque building was built in 1771 by Carl von Gontard. Another landmark of Potsdam is the two-street Dutch Quarter, an ensemble of buildings was built between 1734. North of the city centre is the Russia n colony of Alexandrowka, a small enclave of Russian architecture. East of the Alexandrowka colony is a large park, the New Garden. The Marmorpalais was built in the style of classicism in 1789.

The Einstein Tower is located within the Albert Einstein Science Park. Official municipal website documented earliest mention. Nach den drei Sitzungstagen am Mittwoch, Donnerstag und Freitag zieht. Content crawled by the Save Page via the Wayback Machine Live Proxy. The liveweb proxy captures the content of a web page in real time. The City of Bonn has contracted various types of partnership agreements over the past decades. Bonn Innenstadt maintains twinnings with the English university city of Oxford. A friendship agreement has been contracted in Turkey with Yalova. The spirit of international understanding feature a lively interchange in the spirit of international understanding. Lenin's existence is a succession of mysterious incidents. The all four-years-exhibition pieces were removed for some strange reason from the park. Eine als Denkmal geschützte Statue, spurlos verschwindet und deren genauer Verbleib. Im Rahmen einer vierjährigen Ausstellung am Rande des Volksparks wurde sie. Aus nicht geklärten Gründen wurde die Büste des kommunistischen Führers, Ende der Ausstellung jedoch nicht entfernt, sondern blieb allein im Park zurück. Wegen Bauarbeiten wurde das 2007 Denkmal dann umgestellt. Selbst die Potsdamer Politiker konnten sich nicht genau erklären, wie Lenin plötzlich, Eingang von einem.

1734Another landmark of Potsdam was built between 1734.
1755The Nauener Tor was built in 1755.
1763The New Palace built between 1763.
1771The former Baroque building was built in 1771 by Carl von Gontard.
1789The Marmorpalais was built in the style of classicism in 1789.
1826The Charlottenhof Palace built in 1826.
1829The Roman Baths built in 1829 by Ludwig Persius and Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
1918The city lost status in 1918 as a second capital.
1945The palace was damaged severely in 1945 by bombing.
1990Potsdam became the capital of the new Bezirk Potsdam until 1990.
1991The University of Potsdam was founded in 1991.
2014The Landtag Brandenburg is housed since 2014 in the Potsdam City Palace.

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