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Pontevedra is a Spanish city, the capital

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Galicia
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:42.42241, -8.61925

Pontevedra hosts also a branch of the Spanish national distance university, the UNED has a large pedestrian centre has sporting long tradition with a number of teams. Galicia became feminine hence Vulgar Latin Ponte Vetera. The municipality of Pontevedra is located between 42 ° 20. The city sits at the end of the ria, extends in Ponte Sampaio to the mouth of river Verdugo, is surrounded by four mountainous regions, hosts the headquarters of the provincial government as a delegation of the Galician government.

The city provides a wide range of administrative services with an effect, houses a number of university departments has own Official School of Languages. Two-thirds of the population live than one-third in the city. The population of Pontevedra is aging with generational replacement. The average temperature is of in January with a daily average. Eleven of the twelve months is in subtropical climate zone in the maritime. Regular bus lines link Pontevedra as with Madrid with towns and other Galician cities. The fact was the once main Galician port at the present tiny Pontevedra harbour. The 1833 territorial division of Spain Galicia was sub-divided into Pontevedra and four provinces. The tertiary sector is not especially dynamic although a number of policies. The total unemployment rate is 20.47 % for young people with a 54 % unemployment rate. Roman times consolidated during the Suebic period as an intermediate town. The 12th century Pontevedra rose as an important commercial centre. The beginning of the 19th century Pontevedra was little more than a backward small town.

The introduction of the railway reconnected also the city with the rest of the country. Economic hardships and Political repression was only with the introduction of some industrial activity during the 1960s. The introduction of university studies contributed to the growth of the city. The restoration of democracy had been controlled traditionally by the conservative People's Party. The local corporation is divided into a number of departments. Public health is regulated by the Galician Health Service. Cultural infrastructure is represented mainly by two venues. The Pontevedra Conservatory was established in 1863, has been renamed the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Manuel Quiroga. Sights include the pilgrim chapel in the historic Zona Monumental in the Praza da Peregrina. Members of this club compete regularly in the Spanish Sabre Championship in the Galician leagues.

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