Peruvians are urban dwellers, stronger European inheritance

Most mestizos are urban dwellers, stronger European inheritance. Dozens of indigenous cultures are dispersed also beyond the Andes Mountains throughout the country. Examples of indigenous peoples residing in eastern Peru. European descendants are mosty descendants of the Spanish colonizers. Historic communities inhabited by people of Chinese descent, are found as in the city of Chulucanas over the Morropón Province. The Afro-Peruvian population is concentrated in coastal cities of Lima. Peruvian culture is rooted primarily in Spanish traditions and Amerindian.

The Incas maintained these crafts, architectural achievements, the construction of Machu Picchu. Arts stagnated until the emergence of Indigenismo after independence. Peruvian literature has roots in the oral traditions of pre-Columbian civilizations. Independence became Romanticism the most common literary genres. The early 20th century produced such writers as César Vallejo and José María Arguedas as Ciro Alegría. Common dishes include anticuchos, pachamanca and ceviche. Spanish conquest brought the introduction of new instruments like the charango as the harp and the guitar. Peruvian folk dances include marinera, huayno and tondero. LA MAYORÍA VIVE EN MADRID Según datos del Consulado General del Perú en desde hace en Madrid. Siehe auch die Zeitreihe zur Anzahl, Zeitreihe zur Anzahl.

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