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Palm Beach County, Florida is a county

Palm Beach County, Florida
Country Name:United States
Country Code:US
Administrative Division:Florida
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:26.64757, -80.43651

The county's modern-day boundaries is governed by a Board of Commissioners, had a strong Democratic plurality with a small Libertarian minority and a large Republican minority, has 38 municipalities in total. The area had been increasing since the late 19th century in population, went off the air. The Okeechobee hurricane struck West Palm Beach made landfall near West Palm Beach. Agricultural productivity is Palm Beach County's 2nd largest industry. The tribes settling in modern-day Palm Beach County, disappeared bands of other native people.

The Seminole Wars fought against bounty hunters and White settlers with the Seminoles. Portions of the Second Seminole War occurred in Palm Beach County. October 1873 caused a shipwreck between the New River and Biscayne Bay. Flagler purchased subsequently land on both sides of Lake Worth. Another hotel built by Flagler, constructed also own winter home. Storm surge left severe damage in the city of Palm Beach, resulted in Palm Beach County in moderate beach erosion. Flood waters did subside not completely for several weeks. Housing prices dropped dramatically as in the rest of the country in the county. The Palm Beach International Airport known then as Morrison's Field. The Kennedys were vacationing at a house at La Guerida. Three-quarters of Lake Okeechobee was removed in 1963 from Palm Beach County. The storm's winds shattered windows near the coast in stores. Structural damage included 2,400 businesses and 15,000 houses. Three weeks struck as a Category near the same location. Jeanne being more intense than the overall impact than Frances, brought also strong winds at the Lake Worth pier at the C-MAN station.

FPL reported 591,300 electrical outages after Jeanne in the county. Severe local flooding occurred in rural areas and Palm Beach Gardens in Jupiter, left neighborhoods in Loxahatchee in The Acreage. Winds damaged 52,385 Palm Beach County homes, 2,669 others. Jupiter Ridge Natural Area preserve in Florida in Jupiter. Frenchman's Forest Natural Area preserve in Palm Beach Gardens. Leon M. Weekes Environmental Preserve preserve in Delray Beach. Foreign-born residents were born in 13.6 % in Latin America. A number of shopping malls exist throughout Palm Beach County. Company and Previously W. R. Grace had headquarters near Boca Raton in unincorporated Palm Beach County. A few positions be relocated in Cambridge to another Grace office, are four year terms, direct election. Tourists visit during these annual events, patronize these sites. Japanese Gardens and Morikami Museum including the Roji-en Japanese Gardens. The Florida Department of Corrections operates the Glades Correctional Institution in Palm Beach County in an unincorporated area.

State officers serving the Florida, judicial district, Public Defender and the State Attorney. A major source of controversy was the butterfly ballot. The 2004 presidential election garnered more votes in the state, increased the Democratic victory margin won Palm Beach County against Rick Scott by a margin of 18.67 %. The United States Senate election carried Palm Beach County by a slightly wider margin of 22.26 % against Republican Mel Martinez. Incumbent Senator Bill Nelson trounced Katherine Harris. Then-Republican Charlie Crist was defeated by Jim Davis in the county. The United States House of Representatives is represented by one Republican and three Democrats. The University Parkway have snaked around Boynton Beach and Delray Beach around suburban developments west of Boca Raton. The national inter-city train system offers the Silver Star and the Silver Meteor in Delray Beach and West Palm Beach station. Tri-Rail provides Commuter Rail service from Broward Counties and Miami with stops.

The School District of Palm Beach County is served by the School District of Palm Beach County. Newsweek listed three Palm Beach County, high schools in the list in the 50 top schools. Palm Beach County Library System operates public libraries. The city of West Palm Beach operates the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach. The Ballpark of The Palm Beaches opened in West Palm Beach in 2017 02. The FAU football team play averaged 14552 fans during the 2013 season. The Palm Beach Imperials are an American Basketball Associati on 2006 expansion franchise. Boynton Beach is the third largest city with a population. Several unincorporated parts of Palm Beach County were listed for the 2000 census as census-designated places. The world's largest key lime pie made on Captiva Island at the South Seas Plantation resort. Archaeologists divide this prehistory into three cultural periods, hired in the 1990s early uncovered evidence of two 19th century Seminole villages. The beginning of the historic period is marked de rsquo and León by Juan Ponce. 1513 Juan Ponce arrived off the northeast coast of a land. The Seminoles clashed over land with American settlers, traveled as earlier natives through Hungryland. Major General Thomas S. Jesup commanded U.S. forces during the 2nd Seminole War. U.S. Navy Lieutenant Levin M. Powell led navy troops and 75 army. An Indian midden remains in the southwestern part of the area on a hammock island. The slough was part of a travel corridor between Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades. The Seminole wars sought refuge in Hungryland Slough from the U.S. Army. Construction of the 108-foot-tall tower built on a 48-foot-high mound. Times be seen almost 20 miles on the other side of the Gulf Stream into the Bahamas Channel. The first men were the only non-Indian residents in settlers and a vast wilderness. The lighthouse be part of the 9,100-acre Fort Jupiter, military reservation remained dark until 1866. Florida seceded on 1861 01 10 from the United States of America.

Other parts of the country scattered around southeast Florida. Ldquo and José Francisco were Confederate sympathizers. German-born Augustus Oswald Lang was the first known white settler. Hiram F. Hammon had a boat service in the late 1860s in Titusville, filed the first homestead on Lake Worth. The property included present day Worth Avenue like other Palm Beach homesteads.

YearPalm Beach County, Florida
1842Fort Jupiter closed in 1842.
1861Ivey and Lang came in 1861 from Key West.
1894The area had been increasing since the late 19th century in population.
1909Palm Beach County was created in 1909.
1963Three-quarters of Lake Okeechobee was removed in 1963 from Palm Beach County.
2000 11 7The county's modern-day boundaries became the center of controversy on 2000 11 7 during presidential election.
2000Palm Beach County was the center of a nationwide media storm in 2000.
2004Palm Beach County was impacted in 2004 by several tropical cyclones.
2010This position was approved in 2010 by county voters.

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