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Oviedo is the also name of the municipality

Oviedo: City
Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Asturias
Feature Name:City
Location:43.36029, -5.84476

The Kingdom of Asturias began with a Visigothic Aristocrat Pelagius's revolt in 720. The Moorish invasion of the Iberian Peninsula took control. An economically poor region of the peninsula was ignored largely by the Muslims. The area is said that Fromestano and Máximo that two monks. The Asturian Kingdom was with southern Moorish Spain on hostile terms. Asturias was an agriculturally poor area of Spain, the scale of the buildings. This church was restored later by Alfonso II, constructed during Alfonso II's time, has an atypical plan from other churches, was constructed originally by Alfonso II.

This church features a fresco decoration style. Alfonso II's reign was the San Julian de los Prados church. This court was controlled by member of the Austurian nobility. The 9th century were fabricated de Oviedo by Bishop Pelayo. 9th century documents indicate also small scale aristocracies as a large presence of a landowning peasantry across the kingdom. The Chronicle of Alfonso III does mention not any buildings. The body of the Cordoban martyr Eulogius was sent to Oviedo. The body was accompanied likely by Eulogius's book collection. The commission of the casing shows Alfonso III's interest. Alfonso III was overthrown by sons, was taken for burial to Oviedo. The most glaring example be seen in the Liber Testamentorum. This document contained property rights and many confirmation rights. Bishop Pelayo committed never forgery for the enjoyment. The foundation of the Arts College opened Oviedo to a progressive urban expansion. Further impulse was by the construction and the regional nobility in the 18th century.

50000 workers armed with dynamite, gained control of the arsenal with machine guns and 30000 rifles. The Siege of Oviedo was a memorable event in the Spanish Civil War. The army garrison rose in support of the Nationalist coup d'état. The city is protected by Monte Naranco against strong winds. The city centre is rather hilly than the weather station at a lower elevation, renders winters as in the Madrid capital region than in continental Spain. The economy is strongly dependent with many office buildings on the tertiary sector. The following is a list of the notable architectural sites in Oviedo. The Cathedral attached to the southern transept of the cathedral. The Cámara Sancta houses contained jeweled cross and the great gold. The wooden cross was used supposedly at the battle of the Covadonga in the Asturian victory. A relatively large pavilion built de Lillo for the King Ramiro I. San Miguel. The University of Oviedo was created in 1574, was funded under Charles V by General Inquisitor and minister.

House of the Llanes is the best Baroque façade in the whole of Asturias. East wall and The triple arcaded window are the only portions of the church. Plaza del Fontán has been used for many centuries as a marketplace. Plaza Porlier located in the downtown area by the cathedral. Orquesta Sinfonica del Principado is the premier orchestra of the region, the Principality of Asturias. This full-time symphony orchestra performs a wide range of the classical repertoire with conductors and world class soloists, is based in Oviedo in the Auditorio Principe Felipe. This prestigious event held in the city's Campoamor Theatre. Previous award winners include Oscar Niemeyer, Francis Ford Coppola and Bob Dylan in the category of Arts. Oviedo University's international campus attracts many foreign scholars. Alonso has life museum and official career with a karting circuit. El Desarme commemorating the cunning victory of the locals during the First Carlist War over a Carlist army. A cultural magazine specialized Blog with continuous publications and dynamic management as current formats.

The Architectural Heritage Cultural Heritage presents exceptional interest.

1556The Tower was erected in 1556.
1574The University of Oviedo was created in 1574.
1728Camposagrado Palace built in 1728.
1830sEl Desarme commemorating the cunning victory of the locals during the First Carlist War over a Carlist army.
1934The original building burnt down in 1934.

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