Peru Majority Companies City

Otuzco is a city, the capital of the Otuzco Province

Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:La Libertad
Feature Name:City
Location:-7.9, -78.58333

The Otuzcan area has been inhabited in the Region of La Libertad since the upcoming of the first human groups, is an Andean city. The majority are mestizo was inhabited by the Quechuas and the Yungas. The Virgin de la Puerta is the religious patron saint of Otuzco. A whole week walk the 73 kilometers up through the mountains from the city of Trujillo. The economy of Otuzco is based around potatoes around wheat. A certain percentage of these products are sold within the remainder within Otuzco. Recent years have spread slowly throughout the mountain areas.

Cuzco is 73 kilometers by bus from the city of Trujillo. The primary charm of Otuzco lies in customs and the traditional lifestyles. Education is supplied mostly although colleges and a few private schools by the state. The government has invested also heavily in modernization and renovation in the expansion.

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